Organization “Daesh” vacate their positions on the outskirts of Mosul after the great progress of the joint forces


Are GMT 02:12 2017 Saturday, 06 May / May

 Arabs today - the organization of "Daesh" vacate their positions on the outskirts of Mosul after the great progress of the joint forces

Joint Iraqi forces are making progress in Mosul

Continued joint Iraqi forces, fight violent against extremists ” Daesh ” on several fronts, from the battle to liberate Mosul, while the escaped elements of the organization north of the right Shal of the city, to the middle because of the strikes against them , the forces involved in operations ” are coming, Nineveh , ” explained a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, that ” the Iraqi joint forces, advancing towards sites and dens Daesh, and took control of the third Mushayrifa area, has been destroyed a number of booby – trapped wheels, while trying to advance towards the security forces.”

Messenger said in a television interview, see the “Arabs Today”: “We have opened several fronts to fight under the overcrowding areas, populated Ayman al- Mosul , ” pointing out that ” the operations of liberation of Mosul, will be resolved very soon.”

The local source in the city of Mosul that “fugitives from the elements of the organization Daesh, local Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners, left the north of the right coast to the middle through batches launched three days ago, through a private road organization starts from Mushayrifa to neighborhoods July 17, and Rifai, west of Mosul” .

“The road to escape and with the tightening of the siege on the old ports, and cut the road link west of Mosul in Syria, a regions and villages, and that the road was route of militants Daesh with their wives and their children towards Syria, is from the village of analyte, and then the village Hamidat, and hand Badush, including to Alobglh village, the village Alzenazl, then Mlishh and Hatifh and Obomarea, and Tal Afar, a small lesson, Tel Washi, Tel and Tel gauze is harmful even access to the Syrian-Iraqi border ”

The source confirmed that the “escape Daesh elements, and their families, the process was going on until the control, on Badush and analyte and others”, and cleared the organization of “Daesh” positions and lines to block, on the outskirts of Nineveh Center Thursday, and withdrew to the depth of the right coast of Mosul, north of Baghdad, in front of the large and broad progress Iraqi forces.

According to sources, the “defense organization” Daesh “in the event of a major breakdown in the north-west of Mosul and West”, and confirmed the media cell war: “The Air International Alliance according to accurate information to the intelligence agency, the Directorate of the Federal Police intelligence, the attack in which a convoy wheels air strike belonging to the extremist elements Daesh, a 15-wheel bearing singlet and more than 60 extremists. ”

She noted that “the convoy was heading from the village of Rashid al-Kubaisi, on the road to Baghdad before the junction Trebil, 25 km, to the right of the line a distance of three kilometers,” and that the air strike resulted in the strike, the destruction of the convoy and burned most of the wheels and killed dozens of them, “said Operations Command Baghdad, said Iraqi forces killed a leader in the organization of “Daesh” south of the capital.

She explained leadership: that “the strength of the Brigade 25 Infantry Division 17 managed terrorist was killed, the commander of al-Hamza battalion boycotted south of Baghdad,” and noted that “the victim is required judicially in accordance with the note / 4 terrorism,” noting that it was reached after tracked in the village Alkuam in Sayed Abdullah area, announced the Diyala provincial council member Karim al-Jubouri,: “One of the crowd tribal fighters killed an attack by al-Daesh, security for the stationing of a crowd point in the vicinity of the villages Schroen (45 km east of Baquba).”

Jubouri said that “Daesh launched from the basin near Zour from Sherwin to attack the crowd clan,” pointing out that “Zor turned into a hot spot to drain in neighboring areas,” and called for al-Jubouri, the central government to “give the area a security interest, the largest and work to end the pockets of the organization “.

The Zor hot spots in Diyala, which is characterized Ptdharysha complex, because of the large number of orchards and streams scattered them, and revealed the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi for manipulation Rossi in the Iraqi Council of Representatives elections in 2014, it indicated that the United States has accused Russia manipulation and intervention in the US presidential election, which took place the end of 2016 in favor of the current president, Donald Trump, also drew political forces French accusations of Moscow, trying to influence the French presidency of the elections, which take place the second and final round next week.

He said Zubaidi, who received ministerial positions in successive governments after 2003 in a television interview, said that “people Russian citizenship-without revealing identified because manipulation of the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections in 2014,” and added that the Russian person “has deleted thousands of votes from political parties and personalities in favor of the other, “noting that” personally affected by this manipulation by deleting more than 130 thousand votes, “believing that” happened in the previous elections 190 thousand votes. ”

In his question about national reconciliation Zubaidi replied, “The national settlement necessity but my point of view is different,” and reiterated “the need for compromise, but with whom? If the community settlement, it will sort out after the election of new faces,” revealed Zubaidi his intention to run for the upcoming elections, but is not part of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, without revealing the reasons for this.


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