Saudi Arabia: Trump’s visit will strengthen cooperation in the fight against extremism


05/05/2017 06:30:00

Khandan – Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al – Jubeir said that the visit ofUS President Donald Trump planned for the Kingdom will enhance cooperation between the United States and Muslim countries to combat extremism.

Speaking to reporters from Washington after the announcement of theUS administration that Trump will visit Riyadh as well as Israel this month, al – Jubeir said that Trump ‘s success in reaching a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians are good opportunities because it follows a “new” approach.

Jubeir described the visit as historic Trump planned and said it will include a bilateral summit and a meeting with Gulf Arab leaders and another meeting with the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries, as quoted by “Reuters”.

“It is a clear message and strong that the United States does not bear any bad intentions” toward the Arab and Muslim world. ” It also put anend to the perception that the United States against Islam … It is amessage very clear to the world that the United States and the Arab and Islamic states to partner.”

“We see that it will lead to the strengthening of cooperation between the United States and the Arab and Islamic countries in the fight against terrorism and extremism , and there will be a change in the US relationship with the Arab and Muslim world.”

He pointed out that Trump ‘s management has taken steps to make progress in the sale of guided bombs the previous administration had suspended because of fears of civilian casualties in the Yemeni conflict.

“It is now working to notify the US Congress stage.”


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