An urgent enters the days of escape .. Mosul liberated by the advance of Iraqi forces


05-05-2017 06:51 PM

A source in the city of Mosul that the fugitives from the elements of the organization urging the local Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners, left the north of the right coast to the center through batches launched three days ago through a special route from the organization to the neighborhoods of July 17 and Rafei west of Mosul.

The source confirmed that the process of escape of the elements ‘Dahesh’ and their families were continuing until control of Badush and Halila and others.

And cleared the organization ‘dashing’ positions, and lines of resistance, in the outskirts of the center of Nineveh, and withdrew to the depth of the right coast of Mosul, north of Baghdad, in front of the great progress of the Iraqi forces.

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