Hakim calls for security leaders to present a plan and a specific time to resolve the battle of terrorism


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[Where – Baghdad]
called on the head of the National Alliance Ammar al – Hakim, on Wednesday, to provide honest and clear which determines the elimination of terrorist gangs Daesh time plan.
He said al – Hakim , in his speech during the celebration of the three satellites for the people of the house [peace be upon them] pursued by all of Iraq [where] that “our battle with terrorism must be resolved this time categorically and security leaders to provide a clear plan at a specified time to eliminate the security excesses in the capital and some provinces “noting that” thanks to God and discourage the people of Iraq was liberated most of those who care about neighborhoods in the city of Mosul , humpback and we are proud of our heroes in the armed forces who have proved to the world that Iraq is a fierce fighter whenever he had the right leadership and effective planning. ”
He noted that “we are fighting to bring peace and to promote good and to devote coexistence between citizens and the reconstruction of the country and prosperity, and our mission in this battle a message of life, hope and a bright future for the homeland and the citizen , ” asserting that ” the advisory opinion of the religious authority in Ulkipaia Jihad have contributed to transform the battle of sectarian battle as stolons the terrorists, a national battle to eliminate sectarianism and racism and entrench national unity and unite the Iraqi people in this confrontation. ”
He added that ” the popular crowd is a legitimate child of this holy fatwa where the line epics along the other of our armed forces heroine titles, bringing the ordeal turned into a grant and the challenge into an opportunity, and we are at the doorstep of this anniversary , we call on the media and researchers to document this great humanitarian dimension of the fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad and took testimonies of displaced people and all citizens in the liberated areas who viewed those tournaments and sacrifices in order to liberate them and who have been providing the service and care for them. ”
He said , “The recycling security sites is a strategic necessity and can not protect the homeland and the citizen the same mentality that has remained leading their positions for a long time”, calling for ” a review of the performance and evaluation of leadership and ensure its ability to meet the security challenges in the next stage, the more closer to the military victory whenever for so new plans and procedures to control security inside cities and will seek to compensate terrorism defeat to harm civilians and targeting them indiscriminately. ”
He explained that “Iraq is an independent, sovereign and foreign relations are an Iraqi decision sincere and does not need to tutelage from one region boil over low internal problems of all countries state so everyone advise you to pay attention to the internal own affairs instead of interfering in Iraqi affairs.”
However , that “young people who are fighting on the fronts, and young people who Imlye university halls of political and young actor are a great tool for nation – building and reconstruction and prosperity and change its tracks for the better.”
He stressed that “our battle with corruption is not less than the sanctity of our fight with terrorism , but corruption is more dangerous than terrorism because it is an internal enemy which is eating away at the body of the state and the conscience of the people and their legitimate duty and moral and national to stop the excesses of public money at any price.”
He said that “next year in Iraq , there are a lot of events and variables , and we need a tough, bold and decisive decisions and we have to be as assigned to us the responsibility to lead this country to the shore of safety,” adding that ” the events of the region overlapping and that the meeting was held at the summit level between the countries axis in the region of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq] has become an urgent need to rearrange things and stop the bleeding. ”



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