Hakim and Koptc discuss the settlement file and post Daesh


History of edits:: 2017/5/4 18:0464 – times readable
Search president of the National Alliance with Ammar al – Hakim , the representative of the Secretary – General of the United Nations to Iraq , Jan Koptc national reconciliation file and the post – terrorist Daesh gangs.
A statement issued by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “Hakim received Jan Koptc, and discussed with him developments in the security and political situation in Iraq and post – terrorist Daesh gangs further to near the resolution of page military as well as to discuss national reconciliation put forward by the National Alliance Kkharth file way to end the Iraq crisis and political security. ”
He noted Hakim , according to the statement that ” the next stage , the stage of national lists that form the majority of the national government, and everyone in front of an opportunity to bring about a radical change in a positive Iraqi reality, where everyone is responsible for the launch of reassurance messages.”
The United Nations has called for “support for Iraq and urged the international community to carry humanitarian and moral responsibility towards the liberated cities and towns Isargaran who liberated.”


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