Apple donates $ 1 billion to support manufacturing in America



Apple donates $ 1 billion to support manufacturing in America


04-05-2017 08:17 PMThe Euphrates –

In a move seen by observers as a public endorsement of US President Donald Trump, US technology giant Apple announced the creation of a fund to support industry within the United States.

The company said its chief executive Tim Cook that Apple initially contributed $ 1 billion to urge companies to manufacture within the United States, a step promised by Trump during his campaign, where he then gave an explicit invitation to Apple to adopt it.

Tim Cook, in a televised interview with Al-Furat, said the company decided to repay the American people and the United States with a $ 1 billion start-up fund, while Cook noted that the company spent more than $ 50 billion locally during the year. Past, to support the US industry.

While Cook revealed about 80,000 Apple employees within the United States, noting that this number will increase after the launch of the fund officially, especially if there is a response from international companies to support the fund, manufacturing within the United States.

This comes in light of the company’s strong second-quarter revenues, estimated at $ 53 billion, and Apple’s fiscal year ends in September and starts in October each year.


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