Washington is new sanctions against North Korea

03/05/2017 21:38:00

Khandan – warned US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday that his country is additional sanctions against North Korea Sttaul companies and individuals who did not abide by the current sanctions.

The Bat stop nuclear and ballistic missile North Korea ‘s military programs are a priority for President Donald Trump , who depute last Friday Tillerson to the UN Security Council to demand tougher sanctions administration.

He repeated Tillerson on Wednesday in front of diplomats and officials at the Foreign Ministry said Washington is a “lobbying campaign” and “calls on all countries of the world to apply UN Security Council resolutions relating to sanctions , ” according to “Agence France – Presse.”

He told companies and individuals in foreign countries do not apply the international sanctions regime , “We look at what you are doing. When we see companies or people who violate the sanctions Sanaaqubhm.”

He stressed that the United States “exert pressure” and “are additional sanctions if it turns out that North Korea ‘s behavior is worth the additional sanctions.”

He held Kim Jong On the system of five nuclear tests , including two in 2016 and launched ballistic missiles repeatedly, most recently on Friday evening after an emergency meeting of the Security Council. But the launch failed.






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