Parliamentary economic corruption reveals the border ports of interior, defense and employees of staff



Since 05/03/2017 20:10 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – The balance of News

A commission of parliamentary economy, Wednesday, about the corruption of some border crossings and some employees of the Interior and Defense Ministries staff and submit them to the parliament.

The committee member Burhan Mamouri, in a statement, received / scales News /, a copy of it, that “rampant corruption at border crossing points behind the suffering of the citizen and the importer local product,” noting that “the Commission diagnosed breaches and corruption at the border crossing points staff and some employees of the ministries of interior and defense and brought to the parliament. ”

Said Mamouri, “The great suffering experienced by the citizen and the importer and the owners of companies and domestic product caused by rampant corruption at border crossing points,” explaining that “the committees of the economy and security parliamentary recommendations submitted to the government after an exploratory visit to the port yellowness and ports in Basra.”

He noted that “the parliamentary committees diagnosed several large breaches including corruption at the border crossing points and those responsible staff and some associate in the interior and defense and the presence of blackmail clearly and deliberately delaying the truck in order to give Alcolmhn.”

He Mamouri, that “the House of Representatives formed a committee to follow up Yellowish port because there is a great neglect of the infrastructure and the large number of authoritarianism and the presence of influential figures, which generates confusion in the ports and not to revive the Iraqi economy.”

He stressed Mamouri, according to the statement on “the need for there to be serious from the government to eliminate corruption to find non-oil to revive the budget revenues”, but he also said: “If there was a real activation of the government’s non-oil revenues, there would be more money than guess in the budget” .anthy 29 / n 6


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