Basra borrows $ 100 million from the World Bank


News Baghdad: 
Voice of the Basra Governorate Council, on Wednesday, on the completion of the transfer of electric power with a loan from the World Bank and $ 100 million projects. 
The Basra provincial council in a press release, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “it was to vote on electric power transmission projects worth $ 100 million provided by a loan of the World Bank,” noting that it was “the allocation of an amount of 1.25 billion dinars for the implementation of projects to solve part to cover the increase in loads and support system for the local transport network problems. “
He added that he “was voted on the establishment of an international conference entitled (the future of Basra, in light of the current challenges) under the auspices of the Basra Governorate Council and in cooperation with the Center for Basra and the Gulf Studies of the University of Basra, at a cost of 43 million Iraqi dinars.”

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