The Central Bank of Iraq to participate in the Arab Economic Forum



Iraqi Central Bank participated on Tuesday in the Arab Economic Forum in the 25th edition of the Lebanese capital Beirut.
According to a statement of the bank “Economy News” received a copy of it, said Deputy Governor Dr. Mndhirheikla such as Bank Forum, involving about 600 participants from Lebanon and the Arab countries, led by ministers and governors of central banks and leaders of money and Arab business organizations, referring to the forum organized by a group economy and business cooperation with the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Association of banks in Lebanon and the international finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank and the Foundation (IDAL) and the Federation of Lebanese rooms.
He added that the forum deals with a number of issues related to the current situation in the Arab world, highlighting the political and economic challenges.
The statement said that the main topics that Ndmt in the Forum is “the prospects for the region in light of the political and economic crises, addressing the repercussions on the political and economic levels and the prospects for political compromises possible in the light of global variables and their impact on the region,” and also “economic visions and the challenges of reform and job creation, where he discusses this axis of economic reform programs and restructuring support, taxation and economic diversification policies and stimulus.

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