Putin and Trump discuss by telephone to coordinate efforts in the fight against terrorism

02/05/2017 22:37:00


Khandan – Russian President Vladimir Putin held on Tuesday, atelephone conversation with his US counterpart , Donald Trump, thetwo sides discussed the work on the settlement in Syria and the fight against terrorism coordination.

In a statement issued by the Kremlin agency reported (sputnik Russian), he “took place a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and President of the United States Donald Trump. It was a full discussion of a package of pressing issues on cooperation between the two countries at the international level. Emphasis was placed on the coordination of efforts between Russia and the US United in the fight against terrorism in the context of the Syrian crisis. ”

As during the dialogue the two presidents agreed to “coordinate efforts between the two foreign ministers to search for options allow thestrengthening of the cessation of hostilities system, and make it stable.”

The statement said, ” The goal is to create conditions for the start of the process of a real settlement in Syria. This means that the Russian and US foreign ministers will seek to inform the two leaders urgently on the progress made in this process.”



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