Federal police: edit area 274 km 2 since the start of the Battle of Ayman Mosul


02/05/2017 13:54:00

Khandan – Federal police chief announced on Tuesday, for theintroduction of new tactics on military plans to avoid casualties among civilians, while stressing the deaths of more than 850 members of theorganization “Daesh” terrorist since since the beginning of the battle toliberate the right side of the city of Mosul last February, said to edit 274 km 2.

Raed Shakir Jawdat team said in a statement, “We have introduced new tactics on military plans and the spread of the cuts and opening up new axes and update the accuracy factor in the election of thegoals of the enemy and dealt with the latest advanced technologies inorder to avoid casualties among civilians.”

He Jawdat, said that “our aircraft march killed 859, while managed our forces destroyed 284 wheel bombs and 253 motorcycle bomb, since the start of the battle of Ayman Mosul.

He said that his forces managed to free 274 km 2 and regain control ofthe 62 target areas and neighborhoods and evacuated 265 000 civilians from the clash areas and restore 30 000 to their home areas since the start of the battle of Ayman Mosul. He

also noted the federal police chief that his forces had killed “leader Abu Ayyub official livelihoods and Meera gangs Daesh terrorist after the destruction of Jlth near the fifth bridge, and the terrorist Abu Abdullah carrier after the prosecution of intelligence in the Rifai district” .

among Jawdat also “Walsh Federal Plan targeted nest of Doaash behind the mosque companions in the area July 17 and killed 18 ofthem, “as well as the killing of ” leadership Nafie Abdullah and two of his companions in the container area based on intelligence information. ”



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