Document .. Ministry of Finance calls Rasheed Bank to provide revealed his achievements as soon as



Since 02/05/2017 19:18 am (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Demanded that the Ministry of Finance Rasheed Bank to speed up the implementation of the recommendations of the Board and Kalae ministries and provide them with a report on the achievements loaded with him the legal consequences if the delay in it.

Got / scales News / on the document issued by the Public Policy Department at the Ministry of Finance, addressed to the Rasheed Bank management, the ministry emphasizes the need “to provide the most important achievements”, while carried “Director General of the department concerned, all the legal consequences in the event of backwardness for the provision of data required. ”

The student policy department according to the document, the Bank’s management, based on the recommendations of the agents meeting of the Council, “the form includes the most important achievements of the departments to the bank, at a fixed date specified Tenth of each month, to respond to answer within five days from the date of the book, to prepare the report Monthly and submit it to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on schedule. ”

The document, that “the Director-General of the department concerned, will bear all the legal consequences, in the event of delays to provide the required data.”

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