Daesh” .. divisions and accusations and escape the elements of his being weakened in Mosul


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Since 02.05.2017 at 10:53 (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

He confirmed the security analyst Fadel Abu loaf, Tuesday, that the organization of the terrorist Daesh is in a state of refraction, because of divisions and accusations between the ranks, and the flight of many of its elements.

He said Abu loaf, L / balance News /, “The most prominent case experienced by the organization Daesh criminal is a state of refraction and the flight of many of his followers,” support way by saying “to the loss of control of the reservoir strength and its headquarters Strategy, due to the severity of the blows received by the joint forces and the popular crowd “.

He added that “the organization also complain of lack of supply lines, transportation, uninterrupted lines of communication, in addition to loss of control centers and communication and high scarcity of fuel products, and not being able to communicate with the stations that were paid to him.”

He noted security analyst, said: “There is the case of treason and exchange of accusations, among them the case and cracked, led to the weakening and disintegration from the inside.”

This confirmed the Ninewa Operations Command, on Monday, that the declaration of liberation right coast of the city of Mosul in full will be announced in a very few days, while suggesting that the joint forces launched a massive operation on the terrorist Daesh gangs sites in the western and central axes on the right coast of the city Almousel.anthy 29 / n 6



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