Abadi Likely to Leave Da’wa Party due to Maliki’s Pressure: Official


Green Zone’s security has been tightened against undesirable consequences, says MP

Abadi Likely to Leave Da'wa Party due to Maliki's Pressure: Official


ERBIL—Da’wa Party as the latter keeps “intruding” in the PM’s office, says a Kurdish leader.

An MP also reports that strong measures are taken in Green Zone of Baghdad following the reports of issues between Maliki and Abadi.

Ali Awni, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)’s leadership council, told BasNews that “there are doubts that some decisions in Baghdad are issued under Maliki’s pressure.”

“Maliki has controlled Abadi’s office,” Awni said.

There is a chance that Da’wa Party may further get divided, especially after [Iraqi Foreign Minister] Ibrahim al-Jaafari quit the party, Awni stated.

KDP leader added there are reports that Abadi may also leave Da’wa Party “as Maliki is “very turbulent and treats Abadi as a subordinate, acting as if he is the prime minister of Iraq.”

Awni noted the Kurdistan Region is “hopeless” with Baghdad because as he explained both Maliki and Abadi are of the same mentality.

An MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) to the Iraqi House of Representatives also expected Abadi to leave Maliki’s party to form a list of his own for the upcoming elections.

Zana Rosatyi said the Green Zone of Baghdad is now controlled by the Iraqi army for fears of any undesirable consequences due to “disputes between Maliki and Abadi.”





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