Central Bank withdraws the license of an Islamic bank made “false and fraudulent procedures”



Central Bank withdraws the license of an Islamic bank made "false and fraudulent procedures"

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The Central Bank of Iraq decided on Sunday to withdraw a license from an Islamic bank and liquidate it for violating the bank’s laws.
A source within the Central Bank told Al-Ghad Press that “on the violation of the Islamic Bank of Rawalh, and its violation of the principle of transparency and non-disclosure and provide incorrect information misled by the inspection committees of the Central Bank, and carried out false and fraudulent procedures on the capital of the bank submitted to obtain a license to practice the profession , The Central Bank decided, on the basis of Article (13/1 / A / C / D / E) and Article (71) (b) of the Banking Law No. (94) of 2004, to cancel the banking license granted to this bank Necessary legal procedures “.
The source said that “the bank will inform the registration of companies in the Ministry of Commerce, to mark this in their records, the Iraqi market for securities and all related parties, and the central bank will be the guardian of the bank for the purpose of liquidation.
On February 23, 2016, the Ministry of Commerce announced the change in the activity of six companies for financial transfer to Islamic banks, while confirming that the conversion of these companies was in accordance with the Islamic Banks Law and Companies Law No. 21 of 1997 and the approval of the Central Bank.
The activities of Islamic banks began in Iraq since 1993 when the first Islamic bank in Iraq was named (Islamic Bank of Iraq), while the number of banks that traded Islamic banking system (21) banks, including an external bank and another Gulf opened a branch in Iraq.
It is noteworthy that the banking system in Iraq consists of (54) banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between (7) government banks and (23) private commercial banks, including (9) Islamic banks in addition to (15) branches of foreign banks.

Vice: Americans have provided the names of senior al-Abadi corrupt and how much money stolen



Since 30.04.2017 at 08:47 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Revealed the National Alliance MP Ali al-Badri, Sunday for the Americans to provide the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi names of senior whale corruption and how much money they had stolen.

Said al-Badri’s / balance News /, “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is able to fight corruption and involving corrupt prisons, but he faces a counter and a strong campaign within the Iraqi parliament by some deputies,” he said. “When you try to do to dismiss any personal corrupt soon come out beneficiaries decisions and countermeasures. ”

He added that “Abadi is determined to file corruption. Many bet on the inability of the liberation of areas Daesh especially Fallujah but win the bet and now betting on its inability to fight corruption, and we believe that he will succeed, he also promised that he has a plan.”

He noted that “the US administration gave him the names of some corrupt senior figures and the size of the stolen money,” noting that “the next stage will face Abadi severe pressure to prevent the trend towards this file.”

He continued, “The completion of Daesh and the liberalization of land will go towards Doaash corruption.”

It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that he has a plan to fight corruption and corrupt as fighting has Daesh terrorist and free land Menh.anthy 29 / d 24




Chemical detection scheme to Daesh Mosul and the arrest of Ayman involved


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News reported intelligence sources inside the city of Mosul that security forces arrested a group belonging to the terrorist gangs Daesh and possession of toxic materials used to manufacture explosives and chemicals.
The sources told {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that ” the security forces and their advance in the health district of the right coast of the city of Mosul arrested a group belonging to the gangs of terrorist Daesh and possession of quantities of toxic substances used in explosives and chemical weapons manufacturing to hit security forces and civilians fleeing towards Iraqi forces liberated from the oppression and injustice of those criminal gangs. ”
He pointed out that “gangs Daesh filming these crimes as violations carried out by Iraqi forces to highlight the local and international public opinion and to cover the size of the victories achieved by the security forces in the liberation of the cities and the revival of Mosul as well as refraction and defeat Daesh before offering liberated troops.”
The sources said that ” the detainees confessed to having received orders from their leaders to carry out bombings toxic chemical and Tsouriha materials and documented in the city of Mosul , in order to copy the experience of what happened in Khan Shaikhoun Syria abuses against civilians who have suffered a chemical attack and took the incident international repercussions.”
The terrorist gangs Daesh beat the security forces and civilians with chlorine gas and some toxic substances three times in the right coast of Almousel.anthy

American flags in Damascus

Baghdad – Agencies

A picture of a group of people with American flags appeared in the Yafour area of ​​Damascus, under the control of the Syrian government

This picture is surprising given that this is not usually the case in areas controlled by the Syrian government.

According to local media reports in Syria, this picture was taken during the filming of a series of episodes of the series “Spot Light”, which talks about US President Donald Trump, which embodies his character actor Salloum Haddad, is expected to show the episode during the month of Ramadan next.

The relationship between Damascus and Washington is turbulent, with Syria accusing America of being behind all the protests and armed groups in the country fighting regular forces.



Kurdistan sends a negotiating delegation to Baghdad on the referendum on secession



Houmt province of Kurdistan region intends to send a new negotiating delegation to Baghdad on the referendum process on the secession of the region.

This came during the statements of MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Zana Said, where he said that ‘the Kurdistan Regional Government intends to send a new negotiating delegation to the capital Baghdad in the coming days on the discussion of points of disagreement between the two sides on the issue of the referendum’.

He added that ‘there are differences between some Kurdish parties and forces on the process of the referendum and its timing and the position of Baghdad from it’.

During the coming period, the Kurdistan region intends to organize a referendum on its separation from the center, amid doubts about the extent of Arbil’s ability to organize this referendum


of Iraq , the world ‘s oil reserves in the 5


Iraq, the world's oil reserves in the 5
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Twilight News / EBR company dealt with the development of oil and gas discoveries important hydrocarbon products in the world and the countries that dominated the market over the past decades.
And it issued a list of ten countries , which has the largest proven oil reserves , as follows:
1 – Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves of 300 billion barrels of oil, and in 2011 Venezuela surpassed Saudi Arabia in the list of countries with the largest oil reserves. However, the development of these huge reserves was at the bottom ofgovernment concerns due to political unrest over the past few years. The Venezuela also has huge reserves of oil sands such as those in Canada. Due to the nature of thesticky, it can produce oil from tar sands this through traditional means.
2. Saudi Arabia, with it remained the largest owner reserves for several decades, but it fell Baanaatiadtha 269 billion barrels as at the first of 2016, and an estimated five global conventional reserves. And it sits a large part of its reserves in a small number of giant oil fields, is expected to return to the first place in terms of reserves if it hasstrengthened its activities on the level of exploration.
3. Canada and resolved in the third confirmed Baanaatiadtha amounting to 171 billion barrels, and sits 95% of Canada ‘s oil reserves of conventional oil sands in the province of Alberta, and issued a large part of Canadian oil to the United States.
4. Iran and its reserves of 157.8 billion barrels as the first of January, and is expected tocontinue for a decade as production levels in 2006, Iran has been an erosion ofproduction over the past few decades because of the war with Iraq, and the need for investments among other factors.
5. Iraq, and its reserves of 143 billion barrels, the oil industry has been affected by thewars in Iraq and political instability, and is considered the cities of Basra, Baghdad and Rumaila of the most important sites that embrace of Iraq ‘s oil reserves.
6. Kuwait, holds reserves of 104 billion barrels and embraces the giant Burgan field about 70% of which, as the second – largest oil fields in the world. Despite being asmall country, Kuwait contributes significantly to the world ‘s oil reserves. As thethird largest oil producer among OPEC countries , it accounts for 8% of the world ‘s oil reserves.

7. Emirates, and estimated reserves collected by about 98 billion barrels of which 66 billion barrels in the Zkm field in Abu Dhabi , which accounts for 90% of reserves, followed by Dubai and Sharjah.
8. Russia, amounting to 80 billion barrels of reserves, much of which is located in theplains of Siberia. Production fell after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but rebounded later as a result of the privatization of the energy industry. As the country in its exploration, it is expected to boost its oil reserves in the Arctic and icy water.

9. Libya, and its reserves of 48.3 billion barrels, the largest oil reserves in Africa, exploration efforts have been hit by the war and the sanctions imposed on the international oil companies.

10. Finally, Nigeria, which owns 37 billion barrels of proven reserves, the second in Africa.