Chemical detection scheme to Daesh Mosul and the arrest of Ayman involved


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News reported intelligence sources inside the city of Mosul that security forces arrested a group belonging to the terrorist gangs Daesh and possession of toxic materials used to manufacture explosives and chemicals.
The sources told {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that ” the security forces and their advance in the health district of the right coast of the city of Mosul arrested a group belonging to the gangs of terrorist Daesh and possession of quantities of toxic substances used in explosives and chemical weapons manufacturing to hit security forces and civilians fleeing towards Iraqi forces liberated from the oppression and injustice of those criminal gangs. ”
He pointed out that “gangs Daesh filming these crimes as violations carried out by Iraqi forces to highlight the local and international public opinion and to cover the size of the victories achieved by the security forces in the liberation of the cities and the revival of Mosul as well as refraction and defeat Daesh before offering liberated troops.”
The sources said that ” the detainees confessed to having received orders from their leaders to carry out bombings toxic chemical and Tsouriha materials and documented in the city of Mosul , in order to copy the experience of what happened in Khan Shaikhoun Syria abuses against civilians who have suffered a chemical attack and took the incident international repercussions.”
The terrorist gangs Daesh beat the security forces and civilians with chlorine gas and some toxic substances three times in the right coast of Almousel.anthy

American flags in Damascus

Baghdad – Agencies

A picture of a group of people with American flags appeared in the Yafour area of ​​Damascus, under the control of the Syrian government

This picture is surprising given that this is not usually the case in areas controlled by the Syrian government.

According to local media reports in Syria, this picture was taken during the filming of a series of episodes of the series “Spot Light”, which talks about US President Donald Trump, which embodies his character actor Salloum Haddad, is expected to show the episode during the month of Ramadan next.

The relationship between Damascus and Washington is turbulent, with Syria accusing America of being behind all the protests and armed groups in the country fighting regular forces.


Kurdistan sends a negotiating delegation to Baghdad on the referendum on secession



Houmt province of Kurdistan region intends to send a new negotiating delegation to Baghdad on the referendum process on the secession of the region.

This came during the statements of MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Zana Said, where he said that ‘the Kurdistan Regional Government intends to send a new negotiating delegation to the capital Baghdad in the coming days on the discussion of points of disagreement between the two sides on the issue of the referendum’.

He added that ‘there are differences between some Kurdish parties and forces on the process of the referendum and its timing and the position of Baghdad from it’.

During the coming period, the Kurdistan region intends to organize a referendum on its separation from the center, amid doubts about the extent of Arbil’s ability to organize this referendum