Iran’s Qods Force opens dozens of headquarters in Mosul

Informed sources: moving under the cover of the popular crowd

Tuesday – 6 Shaaban 1438 H – May 02 2017 Issue number [14035]

Side of life in eastern Mosul yesterday (Reuters)

Erbil: Dilshad Abdullah

Informed sources revealed yesterday that the Quds Force’s for »Revolutionary Guards» Iran opened dozens of political and military headquarters under the popular crowd in the left – hand side of the city of Mosul cover, sources indicated that the Iraqi Vice President and Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party Nuri al – Maliki , who shall oversee this headquarters and support funds to earn a number of heads of Sunni tribes and citizens within the city. 

The official spokesman of the Arab tribes in the province of Nineveh, Sheikh Muzahim Ahoit, for »Middle East» Maliki «so far succeeded in winning a number of Sunni Arab tribal leaders and personalities from the left side of Mosul and south of the city, is currently working secretly to form tribal councils in Nineveh , affiliated with the direct support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei ». Ahoit added that under this scheme «open Iranian guards , dozens of headquarters in some of them equipped with all kinds of weapons and forces, and other small parties , al – Maliki is working on granting work permits from Baghdad and the headquarters directly linked to Iran», pointing to the deployment of armed groups leading each area and carried out arrests among the citizens. 

The highlights spokesman for the Arab tribes in Nineveh light on al – Maliki and Iran targets in the extension of influence over Mosul , saying: «They are seeking to gain a greater share of parliamentary seats from Mosul, as well as obtain the majority of provincial council seats, tearing Sunni Arabs, and the funeral of Mosul, and the fight against the Kurdistan region». 

According to an official at a faction of the popular crowd , which has offices in Mosul, the Iranian officers are present constantly in these offices, noting that Iran supplied militias with heavy weapons and aircraft march during the last days inside Mosul, without revealing further details. 

Iran is seeking to open a land route through Mosul to the Syrian territory to support the regime of Bashar Assad and Hezbollah with weapons and ammunition and fighters, and increase its influence in the region through control of the city of Mosul, and approaching the borders of Erbil , the capital of the Kurdistan region of the city. 

Furthermore, section XIV Kurdistan Democratic Party relations official in Mosul, Sheikh Muhyiddin Mezouari said, «Middle East» that «after the liberation of the left side of Mosul, entered into many factions to this side under the popular crowd cover, now there are more than 43 offices of popular crowds in the city , in addition to the opening of the offices of the State of law coalition led by al – Maliki , and these offices are not subject to any control neither the Iraqi government nor the local government in the province ». 

He added Mezouari «There are crowds of Sunni tribal calculated on al – Maliki with a stream of arms, the political parties that stand behind it seeks to destabilize the security situation in the liberated areas and stir up sedition among citizens». He warned Mezouari that Mosul «will be in front of internal armed conflicts between these fierce armed parties if there are no unified political vision by the political parties and movements working on the scene Conductivity».

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