Federal police killed, “Abu Ishaq Tunisian” and four of his aides in Mosul



Khandan – The leadership of the Federal Police on Sunday, for thekilling of a leading role in organizing the “Daesh” terrorist west ofMosul.

The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in astatement, said that ” the Federal Police continue its operations in enemy intelligence in coordination with the depth of the flight path and the guided missile battalion.”

He Jawdat said his forces managed to kill ” the so – called terrorist squad barefooted , Abu Ishaq Tunisian and 4 of his aides in theeconomic district official.”

He noted that “cuts federal police supported the front lines of heavy weapons , anti-tank in the areas of the door of the brick and the edge of the river and the door of eggs and dairy rod and a new door.”

He said the federal police chief, said that “his troops put berms and barriers to prevent suicide bomb attacks Daesh wheel.”





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