Baghdad and Erbil agree to hold Iraq ‘sdevelopment conference in Arbil


Baghdad and Erbil agree to hold Iraq's development conference in Arbil
23 minutes ago

Twilight News / Search President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nachervan چBarzani on Sunday with Minister of Planning in the Federal Government Development Iraq held in the capital of Arbil conference with the participation of the World Bank and representatives of the Iraqi provinces.

In a statement to the presidency of the provincial government responded to the Twilight News, that Barzani and Minister of Planning in the Iraqi government received Salman Jumaili and his accompanying delegation.

The statement noted that through Jumaili during the meeting was pleased to visit the region and the Iraq Development Conference held in the city of Arbil, with the participation of most of the Iraqi provinces and representatives of the World Bank and UNDP and other organizations, directed thanks to the provincial government and the Ministry of Planning, which in this regard.

The statement added that Jumaili expressed his readiness for any Aotaaon coordination with Erbil to improve bilateral relations and re-dues in the province, noting that there are well-established relations between the two ministries.

The statement said Jumaili spoke during the meeting about the general situation in Iraq and harboring large numbers of displaced people and refugees fleeing from the oppression of terrorism by the government and the people of Kurdistan, pointing out that the subject of valuing hosting at the local and international levels.

The statement noted that Barzani For his part, thanked Jumaili for his visit and praised the holding of doing Iraq’s development conference in Erbil, expressing readiness to host the provincial government to organize such conferences in the region?

And like relations between Arbil and Baghdad, said Barzani, according to the statement that the region wants to resolve all outstanding issues with Baghdad through dialogue, revealing that the past few months have seen excellent relations between Alپeshmrگh and the Iraqi army in order to confront and eliminate terrorism in the region.

Barzani expressed his hope to see other areas Tmtina more in relations, expressing his belief that there should be a solid and comprehensive plans for the stages that followed the elimination of “Daesh” for the return of confidence among the various components of Iraq, according to the statement.


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