These countries have the largest gold reserves in the world


Economy News Baghdad: gold is a safe haven for investment when faced with economic market turmoil.But what are the countries with the largest gold reserves in the world? The World Gold Council published this month reveals a report which states shares of the total gold reserves in the world. The United States topped the list of countries reserves amounted to 8.133 thousand tons, and replaced Germany in second place B3.337 thousand tons, and Italy ranked third B2.451 thousand tons, came fourth to the tenth salaries as follows: France B2.435 thousand tons, China by 1. 842 thousand tons, Russia B1.655 thousand tons, Switzerland B1.04 thousand tons, Japan B765 tons, the Netherlands B615.2, India B557.8 tons. On the level ofArab countries, Saudi Arabia Vtsdrt list B322 tons of gold and won ranked 16th globally, came the order of the Arab states are as follows:

The Arab world to classify Country Tons of gold Category globally
1 Saudi Arabia 322.9 16
2 Lebanon 286.8 18
3 Algeria 173.6 25
4 Libya 116.6 31
5 Iraq 89.8 37
6 Kuwait 79.0 39
7 Egypt 75.6 41
8 Jordan 43.9 47
9 Syria 25.8 55
10 Diameter 25.4 57
11 Morocco 22.0 59
12 The United Arab Emirates 7.5 74
13 Tunisia 6.8 78
14 Bahrain 4.7 85
15 To whom 1.6 99

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