Security forces hurtling towards the mosque .. Nouri al-Abadi and preparing to declare a great victory



Since 04/29/2017 17:02 am (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Pushed Iraqi forces on Saturday quickly towards Al-Nouri mosque where the leader of the terrorist Daesh first appeared about three years ago in Mosul, at a time when Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that his government “is preparing to declare the great victory.”

Got / scales News / video shows the Iraqi Army Aviation address Ahav animated Daesh in the vicinity of Al-Nouri mosque.

The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, confirmed earlier Saturday that the pieces of the federal police rushed into the area surrounding the Mosque of Al-Nouri from the axis of a new door rod dairy under the cover of rocket fire and killed 30 element of the organization Daesh.

The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat in a statement received / balance News / copy of his forces rushed “into the area surrounding the Mosque of Al-Nouri from the axis of a new door rod and dairy under the cover of rocket fire.”

He added that the Iraqi forces aircraft, which fly unmanned, targeted the “barracks Doaash near the lighthouse of humpback and killed 30 terrorists and destroyed a moving target 12 and the subject of resistance to aircraft.”

The faltering Iraqi progress much in the old town of Mosul, which includes a mosque Nouri, because of the narrow buildings and obsolete and overcrowded thousands of local residents.

Announced Director of the rapid reaction operations, Colonel Riad Jalal, Saturday, close to storm the neighborhood of July 17 on the right side of the connector, stressing that his troops in the final phase of preparations.

He said Jalal, in a statement / balance News / “The rapid reaction forces today moved from the bathroom fresh area to Badush to make final preparations for the battle to break into the neighborhood of July 17 in the right side of Mosul,” noting that “the next few days, troops will begin to storm the neighborhood of July 17 to edit it. ”

• The rush of guerrilla war

According to witness for the balance of News / Iraqi forces are advancing in the old Mosul under the cover of the international airline alliance led by Washington.

Rifai presented neighborhood west of Mosul to the wrong shelling also resulted in the killing of a doctor.

Security sources said that Iraqi forces destroyed two buildings in the door of a brick two commercial area in central Mosul, the organization has been dominated by the Daesh yesterday and achieved temporally progress therein.

The sources said that the two buildings vulnerable to air strikes killed 13 militants holed up Daesh two in the door of a brick area in central Mosul.

There were reports of 13 civilians killed after gunmen opened fire on them Daesh before their arrival to block defensive lines to Iraqi forces in the Mushayrifa area north-west of Mosul.

In March last dozens of people were killed in an explosion caused by the bombing of Air International Alliance in the New Mosul neighborhood west of Mosul.

• the security official of the countryside of Tal Afar killed

A local source in Nineveh province, said that the so-called “security official from the countryside of Tal Afar” in the organization of “Daesh” was killed by an air strike west of the city of Mosul.

The source said in a press statement, “The air strike targeted added in the outskirts of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, killing Abu Jaber, the Russian security official from the countryside of Tal Afar in organizing Daesh which is very close to the Emir of Tal Afar.”

“The bombing led to the deaths of many Russian bodyguards,” noting that “the Russian came from the Syrian tenderness over a year ago and is one of the important leaders in the field in the organization Daesh.”


• Abadi “is preparing to declare victory”

The Battle of Mosul, the most difficult challenge for Iraqi forces in terms of population density. Military commanders say they have eased the pace of the attack to avoid civilian casualties.

Many residents fear that affects the rhythm of victims among civilians on a real declaration of victory on the organization Daesh in the main stronghold of Mosul.

In a speech during the National Unity Festival in Baghdad, Abadi said, “We are gearing up to announce the great victory,” pointing out that the battles against Daesh “is not easy.”

He said, “still great challenges ahead of us.”

The face of the Abadi, the word of the inhabitants of Mosul, saying, “Do not give in to rumors and assure you that the day of liberation is soon … I address the Sunnis and telling them that all Iraqis fought with you to liberate the land from the impurity Daesh but there are voices discordant are still trying to incite.”

The modern Abadi at a time when Iraqi forces are struggling to expel Daesh from the last remaining western neighborhoods of the city of Mosul, a Sunni majority.

Seized Daesh Mosul and surrounding areas in June 2014, but the area of ​​influence has shrunk to a large extent. Iraqi forces recaptured the eastern part of the connector with the help of the Peshmerga and the international coalition in January last, and finally managed to grab more than half of the west side.

• Turkish army announced the killing of 14 PKK fighters

The Turkish military said in a statement that it killed 14 PKK militants in air strikes on Saturday Bhmalalarac he said.

He added that six militants were killed Settat-Hvtan and killed eight in the countryside area around the town of Adiyaman in two air strikes.

And the PKK camps in the mountains of northern Iraq near the Turkish border. The party has been waging an insurgency against the Turkish state since three

Iraqi forces managed during the military campaign began in October / October 2016, from the restoration of the eastern half of the city, and then began on February 19 / last February west side battles.

And was able to Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition, restoring more than half of the western half of the connector space, amid the decline of the combat capabilities of the organization, according to media statements of the leaders of the Iraqi military.

The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said in November last, said that the Kurdish forces will not withdraw from the territories recovered from the control Daesh, explaining that the retention of these territories comes under an agreement reached with the Iraqi government and the United States Alomirkah.anthy 29 / tc n


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