Parliament to raise its tomorrow after the adoption of Amendment Rights Commission Act and the extension of human legislative term {expanded}


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives voted in its regular session, which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 175 deputies on Saturday on a law amending the Human Rights Commission Act and the extension of the current legislative term for a month and then raise its day on Sunday.
According to a statement of the Department of Media Council of Representatives and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today Jubouri denounced at the beginning of the meeting in the name of the Council targeting the Karrada district of a terrorist operation that demonstrate the meanness and lowliness of terrorism and its supporters calling on the security services to vigilance and to take security measures to protect civilians.
The Board voted to approve the extension of the current legislative term for a period of one month after the end of the current legislative term today at the request of thePresident of the House of Representatives in order to accomplish the mission and oversight of legislative tasks for interrogations.
Said al – Jubouri , an agreement the board presidency of the Council to determine the next 11-5 date for the questioning of the Minister of Agriculture after it was scheduled for today, noting that the lack of the presence of the minister questioner will give the opportunity to complete the interrogation in absentia, calling the deputy interviewer to provide the evidence and the basis or in the event of failure to submit will be considered a request interrogation withdrawn by the Attorney questioner.
The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution obliging the Ministry of Electricity tobuy its from the Ministry of Industry and its products in support of the national economy and operation of the Iraqi workforce and the maintenance of public money.
The Council also completed the vote on a proposed law amending the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights No. {53} Act of 2008 and submitted by the committees of human and legal rights for the purpose of the statement of the role of the United Nations Human Rights Office in Iraq for the selection of candidates for membership of the Board of Commissioners and objective oversight and to provide advice and technical support.
The Council proceeded to vote on a draft reform of inmates and depositors and submitted by the working committees , social and legal affairs, security, defense and human rights law.
This was followed by the governor Zamili MP statement denounced the offering soldiers and border police in Ramadi to terrorist operations by Daesh criminal gangs, noting that the committee has formed an investigative committee on the subject and will refer the negligence of security officials to the courts and the military judiciary, calling for preventing the descent or join the soldiers and employees of the border police from these areas only through military convoys and secure the use of aerial effort to hunt down Daesh gangs in the Anbar desert and strengthen detent forces to file Anbar and work to liberate the entire territory , which is still under the control of the terrorist organization calling for the regulators follow up Of existing units where the presence of large numbers of aliens and the weakness of armament.
He gave MP Ali Keywords a statement on behalf of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs , in which he referred to the achievement of Iraq’s important achievements in the fields of science, literature and the arts as well asmilitary victories, adding that Iraqi readers have made important achievements in thecompetitions world Koran , especially after 2003 , which saw a large Koranic renaissance, pointing reference to support religious schools and the offices of Awqaf and for this religious activity, congratulations in advance to achieve the advanced ranks in the competition in Tehran with the participation of Quranic 83 countries where Iraq won the second place in the recitation of the Koran and third place globally in the Conservation of the Holy wa The third position globally in theConservation of the Holy Blind and the third place globally for the recitation of theQur’an for the Blind.
He congratulated MP Ali al – Maliki in a statement on behalf of the Committee ofTourism and Antiquities of the Iraqi people by editing the archaeological city in urban areas from the clutches of Daesh victories achieved by the security forces, calling onUNESCO to serious stand to support the rehabilitation of cities and archaeological sites , demanding the Iraqi government to intensify its efforts and to develop arescue plan urgently to protect the relics from smuggling and to shed light on thecrimes committed by the terrorist organization against the heritage and the cultural heritage of Iraq.
On the other hand, the Board completed the first reading of the proposed Iraqi publishers submitted Union law committees of civil society, culture, media and legal institutions, which came to the importance of the role played by Iraqi publishers from publishing culture, science and the arts , and they constitute a cultural and industrial sectors wide, it has become necessary to organize in a union reunited and unify their visions to serve this important segment and defend their rights and develop their work and in accordance with Article {22} III of the Iraqi Constitution.
It decided by the Presidency to postpone reading each of the report and discussion of the proposed biodiversity protection law and prevention of discrimination and submitted by the Committees on Human Rights and Religious Endowments andReligious Affairs and the report and discussion of the draft of the First Amendment to the Law of Antiquities Law and Heritage No. {55} for the year 2002 submitted by thecommittees of Tourism and Antiquities and Awqaf and Religious Culture and Information Affairs based on request of the competent committees.
The Presidency Commission postponed to read a report and discussion of theproject included the Judicial Institute to the judicial authority and submitted by theLegal Committee to a future meeting for the purpose of making a decision on thefurther legitimizes whether or not the law, in addition to the postponement of a report and discussion of the third draft amendment to the Law of Governorates not organized in a region No. {21} of the law 2008 submitted by the legal and thegardens regions and governorates not organized in a region.
The President of the Council noted the need to find a mechanism to maintain a quorum to attend the Ladies and Gentlemen of Representatives in the coming sessions for the completion of important legislation, including the provincial elections law.
Then decide to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow Alohd.anthy



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