Iraq: the killing of a senior officer in the battles in central Mosul


29/4/2017 Now – Agencies 2:59:17 PM
Iraq: the killing of a senior officer in the battles in central Mosul

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A federal police commander was killed on Saturday in an attack by an al-Qaeda organization in the old Mosul district of Mosul, while the director of the Shoura district escaped the explosion of a booby-trapped house south of Mosul, a security source said.

“Colonel Colonel Khader Wadi al-Mahdi, commander of the 18th Brigade in the federal police was killed during an attack by the organization on the federal police in the area of ​​Bab Nedid, central Mosul,” said 1st Lt. Nihad Hamid, a federal police officer.

Hameed said that Colonel ‘was inspecting his pieces in the area that is within the old Mosul, but suicide bombers wearing explosive belts infiltrated from the narrow alleys in front of the popular neighborhood in the area of ​​a new door and the police opened fire on them and killed them before reaching our pieces,’ indicating that the colonel was killed by sniper fire To use the suicide attack to launch their attack ‘.

In a related incident, one of the elements of the crowd was killed and three others were injured in the bombing of a house in the Shoura district south of Mosul infiltrated by members of the Daash.

“One of the elements of the Sunni crowd was killed and three others were wounded when a house exploded on them during an attempt to storm it in the area of ​​Shoura, south of Mosul,” said Capt. Khaled Walid of the National Security in southern Mosul.

Walid said that “the force was accompanied by the director of the area of ​​Shoura Khalid Al-Jarr and Director of National Security in Qayyarah Lieutenant Colonel Haroush Al-Shammari when they stormed the house and found inside it to prove that elements of the organization had been living recently after they infiltrated to launch attacks in the area.

He pointed out that: ‘Director of the national security and security did not get hurt’.

During a military campaign launched last October, the Iraqi forces managed to recover the eastern half of the city, before it began, on February 19, an attack to restore the western part of the city.

Iraqi army commanders say up to 70 percent of the city’s western side has been liberated so far.


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