Deputy: Trump’s visit to Iraq next month is not excluded

Saturday 29 April

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The Kurdistan Alliance MP Majid Shankali, Saturday, that it is not unlikely that US President Donald Trump will visit Iraq in May, adding that Trump has an interest in the security file in Iraq and the fight against “terrorism.”

“The United States has bases in Iraq and there is now a war on terrorism in Iraq and US President Donald Trump is interested in the security file and the fight against terrorism,” Shankali told Alsumaria News.

Shankali added that “Trump has a visit in mid-May to Saudi Arabia and is expected to visit Iraq during this visit, which is not excluded,” but said, “But the announcement of the date of such a visit does not announce the sensitivity of the situation and the security situation as the president of the greatest country in the world.”

Prime Minister Haider Abadi visited the United States on Monday (March 20, 2017) at an official invitation from US President Donald Trump. During the visit, Trump met with US administration officials, members of Congress and the Senate.


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