Commander of the fight against terrorism for [where]: Emancipation Proclamation Ayman Mosul during the month


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[Where – special]
likely the commander of the Second Elite Forces Lieutenant General Sami Arda, on Saturday, announced toedit the right side of the city of Mosul , within one month from now. “
He said Arda told all of Iraq [where] that ” the security forces will be able to edit the right side of thedeclaration of the city of Mosul desecrated terrorist gangs Daesh within one month from now if the pace ofmilitary operations continued as it is now.”
He noted that ” the security forces had inflicted terrorist gangs Daesh great human and material losses which drained all the forces of terrorist gangs Daesh and Qaibdthm heavy casualties claimed many Aldoaash leaders.”
The anti – terrorism forces announced earlier liberalization Altec district military operations , which lasted for a thunderous 15 continuous days during which more than 500 of the element Daesh killed.


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