Commander of the fifth exemption / federal band after Daesh attacks in Mosul (the full details)


Nineveh – Iraq Press – April 29 / April: 14 killed an element of the federal police, on Saturday, in the area of ​​Mosul, suicide attacks west of the old city, at the time of the joint operations absolved police chief within the same axis, according to security sources.



Said Harith al-Kazim, First Lieutenant in the Federal Police, said that “14 elements of the police were killed and 20 others injured an attack by al-Daesh on his sites in the door of a brick area in central Mosul.”



Kazim said that “since the attack began late Friday night and continued until Saturday morning, during which the organization was able to control the two buildings were trademarks federal police stationed in them.”



And that the organization “used nearly six suicide bombers with explosive belts infiltrated into the area.”



According to the officer, the federal police “managed to restore the buildings after the aerial bombardment of Iraqi Airways, in which 17 elements of Daesh killed.”



For his part, said Colonel Ahmed al-Jubouri that “joint operations issued an order to exempt Major General Ali al-Lami, the commander of the fifth division of the Federal Police against the backdrop of security breaches that occurred within interrupted in western Mosul, the old Mosul.”



Iraqi forces managed during a military campaign launched in October / October 2016 from the restoration of the eastern half of the connector, and then began on February 19 / February offensive to retake the western part of the city. Q ended

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