Banking expert: conference banking technology will increase the banking services provided to citizens

Economy News Baghdad:
Announced a banking expert, Samir Nasiri, Saturday that the banking technology conference to be held in Baghdad early next month, will reflect positively on the banking sector by taking advantage of the global experience of information technology. 
He said Alnasiri in an interview for “Economy News”, “the Conference of the banking technologies in Baghdad on the seventh and sixth month of next May, organized by the Iraqi Association of private banks and under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq and the participation of international, Arab and local companies reputable interested in the field of information technology banking and modern technologies It will create opportunities for the Iraqi banking sector to benefit from the experiences of success achieved by the Arab and international banks. “
He added that “Iraqi cooperation with banks participating companies will lead to the development of banking products and services that are currently adopted by our banks and move to a new stage of development in modern banking technologies and achieve the goal of the central bank that achieve the technological revolution.” 
And that “the conference banking technologies in Baghdad under the shadow of the conditions of economic, financial and security challenges that Iraq is going through is only evidence of the keenness of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks and banks and government and private shining in the implementation of the central bank’s strategy to develop the banking business and achieving financial inclusion and access banking services to all citizens targeted in the strategy. “



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