US troops stationed in Haditha Dam


Anbar – Journal News

A commander of the popular crowd in al-Baghdadi district of Anbar province on Friday announced the “concentration of 80 US troops and 22 wheelloads of various weapons in Haditha dam west of Anbar.”

“US forces of 80 US troops and 22 military vehicles loaded with various weapons have now been stationed in Haditha Dam, west of Anbar, without knowing what they are doing,” Sheikh Qatir al-Samarand told the Journal News.

“The American forces at each headquarters are stationed in it, and then a balloon is mounted on which sophisticated surveillance cameras are installed to monitor the areas surrounding their presence in western areas of Anbar,” he said.

“The headquarters, where the American soldiers stationed near them, headquarters of the commandos of the operations of the island in the dam of Haditha without knowledge of the functions of the work of US forces and what will be implemented later.”


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