Mutlaq, a US delegation: Iraq still faces the risk of geographical and societal division

Friday April 28, 2017 13:17

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, said the secretary general of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue , Saleh al – Mutlaq ,a US delegation on Friday that Iraq still faces ” the risk of geographical and societal division”, calling for a review of “comprehensive” political situation and focus on thefiles “vital.”

The Office of the President of the Coalition, in a statement received, Alsumaria News, acopy of it, that “al – Mutlaq received today in his office today and the US delegation included the researcher ‘s top foreign policy center Brokinkz Strategic Studies Kenneth Pollack, the vice president of the American Enterprise Center for Political Research Daniella Blateka” .

The bureau said that ” the meeting saw the research topics focused on the future ofIraq ‘s political, security and economic transformations under foreign political views areprevailing and the public in the region.”

He said the office, that “al – Mutlaq expressed great concern about the future of thecountry and the region and called for a comprehensive review of the political situation and focus on the vital files Kalnazhan and rebuild cities and face security problems, corruption, unemployment , and work hard to strike a real settlements contribute to the treatment of social diseases that have swept the country since 2003 to Today”.

The office quoted Mutlaq as saying that “Iraq still faces the risk of geographical and societal division and is in dire need of Aoun ‘s friends and the international community ,” adding that “political acquisition, marginalization and the confiscation of freedoms are still a feature of some powerful actors and that this may lead to speed up community shredding operations and threaten the unity of the country , God forbid. ”

He said al – Mutlaq, said that “civil and state institutions and the integration of security configurations and standardization is the best solution and the right way to avoid post Daesh problems.”

The al – Mutlaq had called earlier, the United Nations and the international community to shoulder its responsibility towards the future of Iraq and the opening of new horizons of understandings in order to stop “violations and marginalization of partners”, while stressing work “for the home” not to be some of the political blocs “captive election fund “.


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