Kurdish units: US troops will monitor the situation on the border between Syria and Turkey


Khandan – commander of the units to protect the Kurdish people said on Friday that US troops will begin to monitor the situation on the Turkish – Syrian border.

He told the Shirvan Kobani ‘Reuters’, the observation has not yet begun , but troops will report to senior US military commanders.

It came Shirvan Kobani ‘s remarks, after meeting with officials from the US military near the Turkish border town Derbassiyeh.

The move comes after the Turkish military to launch air attacks on Tuesday on sites for protection units Kurdish in western Kurdistan.

The United States expressed on the same day, expressed deep concern over the Turkish air strikes, while confirming that Ankara did not get the approval of the international coalition led by Washington.

This is Washington ‘s position in the words of Mark Toner , State Department spokesman said at the time that journalists: “We have expressed those concerns directly to the Government of Turkey.”

Toner said, ” The coalition did not agree to these strikes that led to the unfortunate loss of life among our forces partner in the fight Daesh.”

The Kurdish media close to the Kurdish units, reported that the Turkish army has intensified during the past two days of shelling on villages in western Kurdistan.







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