Iraqi forces confirm continued progress to free the remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul

Friday, April 28, 2017
BAGHDAD, April 28 (KUNA) – Iraqi forces have continued to make progress in the liberation of new areas in the right-hand coast of the northern city of Mosul, following the liberation today of a number of new districts in the region.
Brigadier Yahia Rasool, spokesman for joint operations in Iraq, said in statements today that the Iraqi forces are continuing the process of liberating the remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul, especially after the liberation of the neighborhood, “Altnk” and the concentration of federal police and rapid reaction forces in the area of ​​Farouk surrounding the mosque Nouri and Hadaba Lighthouse in Old Mosul.
He explained that a number of armored vehicles were on the outskirts of the northern areas of the right side of the Mosul after reaching the areas of Musheirefh and the church grounds .. He stressed that the security forces anchored by air cover by air force air force liberated the urban district completely, after the elements of the organization “Daash” significant loss of life and equipment .
He also pointed to difficulties in the process of liberating the urban district because of the presence of significant numbers of civilians who have opened safe corridors to exit the area and transfer them to safe areas.
On the other hand, a child was killed and three people were wounded by gunfire from an unknown source north of Tikrit in northern Iraq.
Four Iraqi soldiers were also wounded in an armed attack carried out by the “Daash” organization at a checkpoint at al-Waleed junction west of Anbar in western Iraq.

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