Army Chief of Staff confirms editor Ayman al-Mosul before the month of Ramadan


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[Oan- follow – up]
Army Chief of Staff confirmed the team ‘s first corner Othman Ghanimi, that the security forces will finish editing the right coast of the connector within three weeks maximum, before any solutions next month of Ramadan].
He said Ghanimi in a newspaper interview, said that the security forces were three attacks with chemicals by Daesh in Ayman al- Mosul, “noting that” the international coalition has informed, “he said . ” They have caused cases of rash in the skin were ambulance some cases and taken caution measures in the event of these chemical attacks were repeated. ”
asked about the proportion of the control of Iraqi forces over the old town of Mosul Ghanimi confirmed that it controls 40% of them, stressing that the proportion controlled Daesh inside Ayman al- Mosul , estimated at 35%.
and on the proportion of the influence Daesh areas throughout Iraq confirmed that the total is controlled by Daesh in the whole of Iraq up to the proportion of 3.8% of the total area of the country.
In a question about the whereabouts of Daesh terrorist leader named Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, confirmed the chief of staff of the army, the intelligence confirms moving on the border between Iraq and Syria continuously.
He denied Ghanimi there is no ground US troops fighting alongside the troops Iraq, stressing that the Iraqi forces are fighting on the ground on their own.
on the quartet of joint coordination between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria , the center Ghanimi said that thecenter comes very useful information to identify terrorists sites and objectives are addressed through the four -wheel joint coordination.
Asked about the position of the military leadership of the Turkish raids on Iraqi territory Ghanimi confirmed that the Turkish breach under investigation and there are diplomatic channels opened dialogue with the Turkish side in this regard, stressing that the Iraqi forces are preparing to cut off the road in front of the Turkish side pretexts for breach of Iraqi sovereignty.
With regard to the presence of Turkish troops near Mosul Ghanemi also confirmed that the Iraqi forces will not allow the intervention of these forces in any military operation.


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