The mass exodus of foreign fighters weakens the urge

Baghdad – Agencies

The Guardian published a report on its front page entitled “The mass exodus of foreign fighters weakens a hasty organization.”

The report says that a large number of foreign fighters and sympathizers of the organization began to abandon him and try to enter Turkish territory.

He adds that at least two Britons and an American have joined this mass exodus that drains the leadership ranks of the terrorist group.

“Stephan Aristide of Enfield in north London with his British wife and Carrie Paul of Kalman from Florida surrendered to the Turkish authorities last week after spending more than two years in areas under duplicitous control,” he said.

He added that “dozens of foreign fighters have left the organization during the past weeks,” explaining that “most of them were arrested while trying to cross the border to Turkey after the loss of the organization many of the areas controlled by Syria and Iraq.”

The report said that it is believed that among the escapees of the organization a number of prisoners and detainees.

“He went to Syria to live there and not to fight,” the report quoted Aristide, a Greek-born, as saying.

He added that “Aristide was living in the areas controlled by the organization in Raqqa and the door, which are one of the most important strongholds of the organization in Syria.”

The report stressed that any “British citizen who joined the organization and fought in its ranks, will face a prison sentence between 7 to 15 years.”


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