International Alliance: no choice “Daesh” in Mosul, only surrender or yard


27/04/2017 22:49:00

Khandan – said a spokesman for the international coalition led by theUnited States against the organization “Daesh” terrorist John Dorian, Iraqi forces backed by coalition forces reached the most difficult stage in the liberation of the city of Mosul from “Daesh”.

He explained Dorian in an interview with the channel “free” that thebattle to liberate the rest of the western side of the connector represents a great difficulty, having resorted to the remaining elements of the “Daesh”, in addition to a large number of civilians.

The spokesman added that Iraqi forces backed by coalition is adifficult job of clearing the tunnels and buildings built by “Daesh” to take shelter from the blows of these forces.

With regard to endanger the lives of civilians at risk as a result ofmilitary operations, durian confirmed that the Iraqi forces attach great importance to the protection of civilians, while the coalition operations assigned by artillery, indicating that the process is done with great caution because of the presence of civilians.

He pointed out that the coalition forces as well as Iraqi forces have thecapacity to disrupt “Daesh” movements in western Mosul and trapping elements, adding that the organization generated no choice but to”surrender or annihilation,” where he can not elements of theorganization to escape from the besieged area, as it can not berestored They lost land for the benefit of the Iraqi forces.

Said Dorian in this context that the morale of the organization is very bad because of the blockade.

Durian promised that the area west of Mosul , will return full Iraqi forces and will raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings.



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