Ghanimi to a US general: the necessity of securing equipment and weapons security to our units.


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Army Chief of Staff confirmed the team’s first corner Othman Ghanimi, on Thursday, the need for continued international support for security forces in the field of securing equipment and weapons.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Ghanimi “received met on Thursday, the director of the US Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq , General McCain, to discuss cooperation and coordination between the two sides in all fields.”
He praised the Chief of Staff, according to the statement, ” the great efforts made by the Office to provide logistical support and the continuation of work and coordination on the ongoing liberalization of the city of Mosul , military operations and to provide the requirements of the battle.”
He called for ” the need to continue securing equipment and weapons security to our units , with all its different forms and configurations.”
For his part , General McCain, that ” the international coalition forces continue to provide support and support possible Iraqi security forces , which is fighting a decisive battle on behalf of the world against the forces of evil and darkness of Daesh terrorist” .anthy



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