International Alliance: no choice “Daesh” in Mosul, only surrender or yard


27/04/2017 22:49:00

Khandan – said a spokesman for the international coalition led by theUnited States against the organization “Daesh” terrorist John Dorian, Iraqi forces backed by coalition forces reached the most difficult stage in the liberation of the city of Mosul from “Daesh”.

He explained Dorian in an interview with the channel “free” that thebattle to liberate the rest of the western side of the connector represents a great difficulty, having resorted to the remaining elements of the “Daesh”, in addition to a large number of civilians.

The spokesman added that Iraqi forces backed by coalition is adifficult job of clearing the tunnels and buildings built by “Daesh” to take shelter from the blows of these forces.

With regard to endanger the lives of civilians at risk as a result ofmilitary operations, durian confirmed that the Iraqi forces attach great importance to the protection of civilians, while the coalition operations assigned by artillery, indicating that the process is done with great caution because of the presence of civilians.

He pointed out that the coalition forces as well as Iraqi forces have thecapacity to disrupt “Daesh” movements in western Mosul and trapping elements, adding that the organization generated no choice but to”surrender or annihilation,” where he can not elements of theorganization to escape from the besieged area, as it can not berestored They lost land for the benefit of the Iraqi forces.

Said Dorian in this context that the morale of the organization is very bad because of the blockade.

Durian promised that the area west of Mosul , will return full Iraqi forces and will raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings.



Iraqi PM to Declared Mosul Fully Liberated in Few Days: Report


Iraqi PM to Declared Mosul Fully Liberated in Few Days: Report


SOFIA — The northern Iraqi city of Mosul will be declared “fully liberated” from the so-called Islamic State (IS) next Saturday, a source close to the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday.

According to the source the Iraqi flag will be raised in the entire of Mosul and the last bullet will be fired by the Prime Minister himself on Saturday as the forces expect to retake the last few areas of the city from the IS militants in the next two days, The Baghdad Post reported.

Hossem al-Abar, a member of the Nineveh Province Council said that the Old City of Mosul and the Grand Mosque of Nuri were the birth place of the self-proclaimed Islamic “caliphate” and the Iraqi forces will defeat the extremist group at the same areas.

Abar explained that only few neighborhoods in the city are remaining under IS-control among which are the districts of al-Maqbara, al-Senaat, and al-Tahrir, but some of those areas have already been encircled by the Iraqi army. However, he said that if the Old City is recaptured then the entire city will be declared liberated, as the area is vital for the progress of the ongoing military operation.

In addition, security expert Ahmed al-Sherifi said that the end of the ongoing offensive against IS in Iraq is to be reached in the nearest future, as the forces are currently aiming to liberate the neighborhood of al-Hadar, after which Tal Afar will be liberated and the city will be declared fully liberated in a few days.

The Iraqi government backed by the US-led coalition launched an operation for liberating the city if Mosul in October last year with the support of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the government-backed Shi’ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi. By the beginning of 2017, the forces managed to fully liberated the entire eastern part of the city, which then allowed them to focus on the next phase of the operation aiming to recapture the remaining western and central parts of Mosul.

Ghanimi to a US general: the necessity of securing equipment and weapons security to our units.


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Army Chief of Staff confirmed the team’s first corner Othman Ghanimi, on Thursday, the need for continued international support for security forces in the field of securing equipment and weapons.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Ghanimi “received met on Thursday, the director of the US Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq , General McCain, to discuss cooperation and coordination between the two sides in all fields.”
He praised the Chief of Staff, according to the statement, ” the great efforts made by the Office to provide logistical support and the continuation of work and coordination on the ongoing liberalization of the city of Mosul , military operations and to provide the requirements of the battle.”
He called for ” the need to continue securing equipment and weapons security to our units , with all its different forms and configurations.”
For his part , General McCain, that ” the international coalition forces continue to provide support and support possible Iraqi security forces , which is fighting a decisive battle on behalf of the world against the forces of evil and darkness of Daesh terrorist” .anthy


The opening of the office of the airline in Mosul


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[Baghdad: Wayne]
General Company of Iraqi Airways announced that it will open an office in Mosul , actually the left side of the city of Nineveh after it was closed due to the security conditions and the entry Daesh takfiri.
According to a company statement received by all of Iraq [where] “The opening will be after making sure that all the procedures, processing and rehabilitation of the entire office and will also be re-former employees who were working between the office and the airport of Mosul, totaling seventy-two employees who work at the present time between Baghdad offices, Erbil and Kirkuk. ”

Trump to visit Iraq next month


04/27/2017 11:38

Trump to visit Iraq next month

Likely deputy close to Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Thursdayvisit of President US to Iraq next May within a three – nation tour in the region

, said MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar in a press statement, “It is highly likely that the US President Donald Trump visited Iraq during the month May next part of his tour in the region , which was unveiled today. ”
Jaafar said, “America has many interests in Iraq, including the presence of a military 5000 on Iraqi territory,” pointing out that “the sensitivity of the security situation prevents the administration from the official announcement of this visit.”

The newspaper “Life” revealed on Thursday, the determination of US President Donald Trump’s visit three countries in the Middle East next month.

The mass exodus of foreign fighters weakens the urge

Baghdad – Agencies

The Guardian published a report on its front page entitled “The mass exodus of foreign fighters weakens a hasty organization.”

The report says that a large number of foreign fighters and sympathizers of the organization began to abandon him and try to enter Turkish territory.

He adds that at least two Britons and an American have joined this mass exodus that drains the leadership ranks of the terrorist group.

“Stephan Aristide of Enfield in north London with his British wife and Carrie Paul of Kalman from Florida surrendered to the Turkish authorities last week after spending more than two years in areas under duplicitous control,” he said.

He added that “dozens of foreign fighters have left the organization during the past weeks,” explaining that “most of them were arrested while trying to cross the border to Turkey after the loss of the organization many of the areas controlled by Syria and Iraq.”

The report said that it is believed that among the escapees of the organization a number of prisoners and detainees.

“He went to Syria to live there and not to fight,” the report quoted Aristide, a Greek-born, as saying.

He added that “Aristide was living in the areas controlled by the organization in Raqqa and the door, which are one of the most important strongholds of the organization in Syria.”

The report stressed that any “British citizen who joined the organization and fought in its ranks, will face a prison sentence between 7 to 15 years.”

The beginning of the end of Daesh .. foreign terrorists are fleeing to the “border”



Since 04/27/2017 18:07 am (Baghdad time)


Balances News – Follow-up

Paid successive defeats suffered by Daesh in the past months in Iraq and Syria, a number of foreigners to flee a terrorist towards the Turkish border, according to Western reports, indicating the size of the big collapse in the Cefouk militant group.

The newspaper “The Guardian” British, on Wednesday, said that “a large number of foreign militants gave up fighting in the ranks of Daesh Syria, and tried to reach Turkish territory,” noting that “at least three cases have been monitored in the past few days.

She spoke about the feet of two people carrying British citizenship and a third American, to flee from the ranks of “Daesh Syria”, who lost large areas were under his control, and became his capital tenderness under siege backed by the United States, leading an international coalition against organized terrorist forces.

The newspaper quoted sources as saying, that Stefan Oristido, who hails from the north of London, the British and the American and his wife Carrie Clement of Florida, last week surrendered to Turkish forces, border guards, after nearly two years to join Daesh in Syria.

According to the report, which was based on intelligence and security information, the dozens of foreign fighters also fled the fighting under the banner of Daesh, trying to cross into Turkish territory, where some of them were arrested by border guards while others managed to sneak into Turkey.

And Oristido, which is in the third decade of life, and his wife surrendered to Turkish forces on the Kilis border south of the crossing of Turkey, in addition to Clement (46 years old), who was accompanied by his wife and two Egyptian believed that their husbands were killed during the fighting in the ranks of Daesh in Iraq or Syria, according to a security source Turki.

The sources explained that Oristido admitted that he was staying at the door, and having recovered from the Syrian opposition factions backed by Turkish troops, he moved to the city of Raqqa, “the capital of Syria Daesh”, which are currently subject to the siege of “democratic forces of Syria.”

These forces, and most of its fighters from the units to protect the people Kurdish, receive support from the United States, and had been able, in the past, from the restoration of several areas of the grip Daesh, and is preparing to start the battle to defeat the terrorist organization of tenderness, north of Syria.

And the collapse of Daesh in Syria paid, according to reports, to move headquarters from tenderness to Deir al-Zour province in the east, coincided with the defeat in Iraq, where he lost the eastern regions in the “capital” of Mosul, and is trapped in the areas west of the Tigris River.

It seems that the beginning of the end Daesh has approached, after nearly three years, the occupation of large areas in Iraq and Syria, and declared “caliphate” alleged, prompting her time a large number of foreigners to travel to these countries to join the ranks of the militant group.


The British Oristido was among them, he traveled in 2015 from London to Larnaca in Cyprus, where he lost contact with him, to appear today on the Turkish-Syrian border resigned after realizing that the end Daesh is inevitable.

Like Boristido Clement broke away dozens of foreign fighters from the organization and fled across the border, while others are working to try to connect to the embassies of their countries in the region to return to their homes, as quoted by “The Guardian” for Turkish and European sources described Balsmh.anthy 29/9 P


Dozens of ISIS terrorists killed near al-Nuri Mosque


April 27 2017 01:02 PM
Federal Police Commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat
Federal Police Commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat

Dozens  of ISIS terrorists have been killed by Federal Police forces among them top leader Abu Faisal al-Jabouri near Great al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, Federal Police Commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat said on Thursday.

In a statement, Jawdat asserted that Federal Police forces had major advancements in the old city of Mosul and are currently 300 meters away from al-Nuri Mosque.

The Police forces also destroyed 11 booby-trapped vehicles and provided five safe passages to evacuate civilians at bab-Jadid area, according to Jawdat.

The Iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition, have been pushing against ISIS terrorists in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th.


Iraqi parliament recognizes Basra as economic capital


The conservative province over most of Iraq’s oil reserves is the country’s only maritime port, as well as its acquisition of 70 percent of imports.

Middle East Online

The efforts of four years were crowned by a unanimous vote

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s parliament on Thursday voted unanimously to consider the province of Basra (south) as Iraq’s economic capital.

“The parliament’s vote that the province of Basra, the economic capital of Iraq, will shape the country’s economic future,” the head of the parliamentary economy and investment committee Ahmed al-Kanani told a news conference held in the parliament building with a number of Basra MPs.

Basra is located in southern Iraq on the Arabian Gulf, 449 km from the capital Baghdad, and is considered the only maritime port of Iraq.

Basra is one of the oil-rich provinces and has the largest oil fields.

Basra is rich with large oil fields, including Rumaila, West Qurna, Shuaiba and Majnoon fields. It accounts for 80 percent of the oil and gas reserves, while its imports and imports account for 70 percent of the general budget.

In addition to its natural resources, the province has a workforce of more than 3 million people and administrative borders with three neighboring and three neighboring countries.

For his part, MP for the province of Basra behind Abdul Samad during the press conference that “the law will strengthen Basra economically economically in a practical way.”

He pointed out that “Iraq lives on the good of the province.”

He stressed the need to “complete projects that strengthen the economic status of Basra, including the port of FAO assumed and hoped to be a global location, because it will be a point of contact between the continents of Asia and Europe.”

And held the Iraqi Council of Representatives Thursday, chaired by the President of the Council Salim Jubouri and the presence of 180 deputies, out of 328.

The naming of stormy cities for the capital city is not a strange phenomenon in the world. It is adopted by several countries in the developed, developing or developing world, such as economic, tourism and cultural capitals, as well as the political and administrative capital.

The new law is the culmination of more than four years of efforts, accompanied by another political debate to vote on the project