Next Saturday .. Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul in full


Baghdad – Journal News

Sources close to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that “the next Saturday (April 30, 2017) will be the beginning of the return of the city of Mosul and the liberation of Iraq completely from the organization calling the terrorist.

The sources pointed out to the “Journal News” that the Iraqi flag will be raised and the last bullet fired by Abadi, “noting that” the areas that are under the control of a few and very near the corner of liberation. “

A member of Nineveh province council Hossam al-Abbar told “The Journal News” that “the old Mosul and the existence of the Grand Mosque of Nuri al-Kabir, one of the symbols of the city from which the so-called caliphate was launched and which is the start of the so-called” Islamic state ” Security forces. “He pointed out that” the security forces managed to defeat the terrorist organization, in a number of neighborhoods, including the Al-Tanak district or Chechnya, and left the cemetery and industries and Liberation neighborhood adjacent to the neighborhood of July 17, or what is known as Street 60, completely surrounded by the ninth division and the Abbas military Affiliate of For popular mobilization. “

“The end of the liberation of the old Mosul will be a semi-final resolution to announce the liberation of Mosul in full, because it is the most dangerous area of ​​military operations,” said security expert Ahmed al-Sharifi, “The Journal News,” that “the data indicate that the battles of resolution are close “This is the best proof that the liberation of Mosul will take place within the next few days.” On the visit of Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday to the right-hand side of Mosul, al-Sharifi said that ” Prove the political presence finished A comprehensive declaration of victory and liberation of the city soon.



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