New military plans forced Aldoaash out of the old city of Mosul


History of edits:: 2017/4/25 18:5538 times readable
[Where – Baghdad]
security forces have taken on Tuesday, a new military plans to force elements Daesh terrorist gangs out of the old city of Mosul in the Nineveh province.
Lt. Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi said the commander of the Iraqi counter – terrorism in a press statement followed the agency all of Iraq [where] that “Iraqi forces resort to the siege and encirclement plans to push Daesh terrorist elements out of the old Mosul and avoid casualties among civilians trapped in the historical district in Mosul “.
Al – Asadi pointed out that “most of the houses in the old Mosul is very outdated and the streets and alleys are too narrow , ” asserting that “military units do not clash with the terrorist gangs in Daesh sites and detained civilians Atakdhunhm as human shields.”
“Even spare our people and our families the rhythm of their losses has taken this approach , ” he said , adding that this does not mean not to launch “Operation minutes .. and calculated until we liberate our people from families imposed on them those bastards.”
The security forces had inflicted terrorist gangs Daesh great human and material losses during military operations launched to liberate the city of Mosul, where al – Asadi announced today, killing more than 500 Daashaa during the editing process Tanak neighborhood in the right side of the city of Mosul.


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