Abadi speaks to Ruddao during his press conference on the Turkish bombardment and the question of the referendum


By Ziad al-Haidari 9 minutes ago
رئيس الوزراء حيدر العبادي
Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Roudao -arbel

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi said on Tuesday during his weekly press conference, “that the bombing of Iraqi areas is unacceptable and we condemn in the strongest terms , ” adding that “no one can hold a referendum if there is no federal decision to initiate it .”

“The Turkish side says that there are fighters from the PKK and the history of the relationship with Turkey on this matter dates back to the 1980s,” said Abadi Hassan, former room for Turkey up to 10 kilometers inside Iraqi territory, but this agreement ended because it was at a certain stage which is a window now. “

“The PKK is a Kurdish movement, mainly in Turkey. It is also present in the mountains bordering the Iraqi-Turkish border, and no one can reach Sinjar from Turkey except through lines controlled by the Peshmerga forces. It is unreasonable for the PKK to move from Sinjar To Turkey, are already present on the Iraqi-Turkish border, and are also located inside Turkey, either to carry out this work in the depth of Iraq in Sinjar, while there is an agreement to deploy an Iraqi army with the Peshmerga forces there with joint cooperation, so this work will not improve conditions, as if he wanted to prevent that there will be a joint security cooperation between the Forces T. Iraqi and Peshmerga forces, so that there will be the entry in the Iraqi rear and causing damage and the fall of the martyrs and wounded Iraqis and this is unacceptable from a neighbor, and condemn in the strongest terms. “

As for the second question of Roudao’s correspondent, it was about Kurdish parties demanding a referendum in Kirkuk. Abadi said: “It is the right of any people to look forward. We are now in one state and partners in this country. Such decisions must have a federal decision for the whole country. I have heard the statements of some Kurdish parties and they require specific conditions. I do not know how to hold a referendum. There is a deep political dispute in the region about the mechanism of the region and the presence of parliament and the opposition. , things should be resolved within the Iraqi presence. “

“I consider the prime minister of all Iraq, and keen on the interest of the Kurds like the Arab, is not in the interest of the Kurds separatism, not an economic, political or national interest, and many Kurdish leaders know it, but some do not dare talk about it, To the Kurdish brothers as Iraqi citizens, and I fear that they lose all the achievements made during the past years, there are wrong decisions in history for short-sighted accounts lead to retreat, I hope their calculations are correct, the closest thing to them is Iraq and they are part of Iraq.




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