The central bank’s “economy News”: I do not fear for the salaries of employees in the project localization salaries

Economy News / special
The central bank announced on Monday, the success of the localization of its employees ‘salaries in the banks, stressing that it will be held accountable distribution of any bank reluctant employees’ salaries.
The Director of the Department of Payments in the Central Bank, Abdul Karim sacrificed in an interview for “Economy News”, “project localization salaries called for by the Council of Ministers and recommended its application taking into account the great importance by the Central Bank of Iraq,” indicating that “the central bank first dish localization project on the salaries of its staff experience has been successful. “
Abdul Karim added that “the Iraqi Central Bank to take substantial guarantees from banks to work on the localization of salaries and any bank will be reluctant to distribute employees’ salaries accounting”, noting that “no fear on the salaries of employees in the project localization of salaries.”
Abdul Karim stressed that “the choice of ministries for banks based on standards set by the Central Bank of Iraq in this project and each ministry is free to selected banks set by the Central Bank.”
Known banks localization salaries process is “employees in the private sector or the public of hand salaries transfer the salaries of the process received from their constituencies to be received from banks, government banks or eligibility through a special account opened for an employee of the bank and the withdrawal of it by the electronic payment card.


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