Abadi’s adviser “Economy News”: talks with IMF positive


Economy News Washington:

Financial Advisor description of the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, Iraqi talks with the IMF positive, stressing that the international reserves of Iraq are still within the level of security, noting that the World Bank promised to support funding programs for the advancement of infrastructure and reconstruction.

Saleh said in his speech for the “economy News”, “discussions by the Iraqi delegation in Washington with the International Monetary Fund and a good understanding between the high-level parties.”

“The important thing at the level of readiness credit program with the IMF is the ability to continue Iraq on the development of the energy sector in the complex oil market conditions experienced severe crises,” noting that “the other issue is the prudent financial management that has enabled the country to overcome the financial plight about the deterioration of oil revenues as well as large expenditures in the budget. ”

He explained that “prudent financial management contributed to crush terrorism and human liberation and land with the success of the price system and the stability of the general price level and the ability to offset that conservation at the level of security of the international reserves of Iraq.”

He pointed out that “the World Bank promised to continue to support various financing programs for the advancement of infrastructure and reconstruction within the loan program or funds so-called development program, both from the World Bank itself resources or contributions of donor countries, particularly the Group of Seven top industrialized countries, stressing that” negotiations between the parties It will conclude tomorrow. ”

The Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Essa Abdul Razak began his negotiations with the International Monetary Fund last Friday about the readiness of credit agreement, which was signed by Iraq in 2015.



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