urgently .. Intelligence announces foil terrorist attacks in Baghdad


Urgent .. Intelligence announces foil terrorist attacks in Baghdad
8 minutes ago

Twilight News / announced the Directorate of Military Intelligence, thwarted attacks in the capital Baghdad.
According to a statement of the Directorate of Twilight News reported that 54 detachments in the sixth brigade band arrest two dangerous terrorists after being drawn to the ambush area Amiriya in Baghdad.

The statement added that the terrorists were planning terrorist operations in thecapital and two wanted to eliminate the Court and the Central Investigation

Jaafari Macgork: the necessity of activating the strategic agreement between Baghdad and Washington



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Sunday, on the necessity of activating the strategic framework signed between Baghdad and Washington agreement.
According to a Foreign Ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Jaafari “received the special envoy of US President Donald Trump, the international coalition to fight Daesh Brett Macgork, and his accompanying delegation in his office in Baghdad . During the meeting , theyreviewed the overall security developments, political, the great victories achieved by the Iraqis in their war against terrorist gangs Daesh, and international efforts to support the security and stability of the region. ”
The statement, al – Jaafari said that “all Iraqis have united to defend the sovereignty of Iraq, and the elimination of terrorism , ” stressing ” the need for concerted international efforts, and contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure after theelimination of terrorism, and the adoption of similar to the Marshall Plan project ,which contributed to the construction of Germany after the second World war. ”
He pointed to ” the importance of activating the strategic framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington; because of its significant impact on theopening areas of joint cooperation between the two countries , ” adding that “Iraq issticking to bilateral relations with the world all countries, and countries , especially neighboring; based on the exchange of common interests, and face common dangers, and non – interference in internal affairs. ”
For his part, the special envoy of US President Donald Trump, the international coalition to fight Daesh, on ” the continued support of Iraq even eliminate Daesh terrorist gangs”, praising ” the efforts made by the Iraqi efforts in the war against terrorism, diplomatic and openness witnessed by the Iraqi relations with various countries of the world “.is over

Baghdad Operations announces the end of the success of the security plan on the occasion of the visit and the opening of many roads


BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – April 23: Baghdad Operations Command announced Sunday, thesuccess of the special visit of Imam al – Kadhim security plan (p), and open most of the roads that were closed in the capital , except for thesurrounding Kazemiya roads that will open in thenext few hours.         He continued Lt. Gen. Jalil al -Rubaie, said that ” the visit was successfully completed and there is no security breach which,” noting that “all setups operations and one team and we have achieved good results on the ground , ” stressing that ” has been opened most of the roads except the surrounding Kazemiya that will open upin a few hours next “.anthy O.h


Daesh liquidates leadership ranks and disagreement between the local and the”immigrants”


 Daesh liquidates leadership ranks and disagreement between the local and the "immigrants"
2 hours ago

Twilight News / Syria ‘s democratic forces, backed by the international coalition aircraft revealed, they received intelligence that the organization Daesh, after cracking down on it and besieged in the tenderness of the three sides, began in theliquidation of a large number of its leaders, due to the collapse of the morale of theelements of the organization and the lack of confidence among them.
According to intelligence sources that local fighters are now do not trust foreigners or what are known as “immigrants” who have joined the organization and accuse them for spying for the International Alliance of Democratic Forces of Syria , which came close to a stronghold of “Daesh” and took control of all roads leading to tenderness.
These developments also suggest that the organization is on the verge of defeat, especially after the “democratic Syria” announcement that it has succeeded in isolating tenderness and preparing to storm it before heading to the city of Deir al -Zour, the point of elements and leaders of the “Daesh”.


Secretary of Defense and the US ambassador to discuss support for the international coalition to Iraqi forces

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Search Defense Minister Irfan Mahmood Hayali with the US ambassador in Baghdad , Douglas Selman support of the international coalition to Iraqi forces and the conduct of operations to edit the right side of the city of Mosul.

According to a Defense Ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “Defense Minister Irfan Mahmoud Hayali, received in his office on Sunday morning, the US ambassador in Baghdad , Douglas Selman and his accompanying delegation, the meeting discussed the course of the ongoing liberalization right coast military operations Mosul city. ” 

He added , “During the meeting , emphasizing the support and support by the international coalition of the Iraqi Armed Forces troops, and paying tribute to the humanitarian deal with the citizens by the Iraqi forces.”