Matisse: You must stop the Iranian missiles Houthis final


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Since 04/18/2017 19:16 am (Baghdad time)

Balances News – Follow-up

US Defense Secretary Jim Mathis said, Tuesday, he must stop the Iranian missiles fired by the Houthi militia towards Saudi territory permanently, according to Reuters.

The Matisse told reporters on board the plane that took him to Saudi Arabia, where he starts Wednesday a regional tour, said that the Houthis are using Iranian-made missiles.

The statement said that the Pentagon will address Matisse during his tour to “efforts to address the destabilizing and defeat terrorist organizations extremist activities.”

The term “destabilizing activities” often used by the Pentagon to describe Iran’s activities in the region.

The Matisse said last week from London that Iran continues to act as an “exporter of terrorism and continues to sponsor insurgent activity”, as quoted by Reuters Onaba.anthy 29/9 P


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