Iraqi forces seek to liberate the last 6 districts in western Mosul


Date:: 19 April 2017
the source:

  • Baghdad – Agencies

Iraqi forces announced yesterday the completion of the liberation of most of the neighborhoods of the right coast of Mosul (west), of the organization «Daash», except for six neighborhoods are currently fighting for liberation.

“The joint military units continue to move at a steady pace in order to resolve the battle to liberate the few remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul, in preparation for declaring Mosul a completely liberated city,” Chief of Staff Taleb Shaghati told the government daily Al-Sabah. , Stressing that the units completed completely cleared 32 residential neighborhoods, out of 38 neighborhoods, as well as Mosul International Airport and the strategist Ghazalani camp.

Since mid-October, Iraqi forces have been fighting for the liberation of Nineveh province from “Da’ash” and have made significant progress in liberating vast areas, government buildings and services.

On the other hand, warned the United Nations, yesterday, the possibility of fighting in the old city of Mosul, where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians to block, to the worst “disaster” during the war on militants.

“If there is a blockade and hundreds of thousands have no water and food, they will be in great danger,” UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Liz Grande told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“We may face a humanitarian disaster, perhaps the worst in the whole conflict,” she said.

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