Abadi: There is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now


By Ziad al-Haidari two hours ago
Abadi: There is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said on Tuesday that there is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now, pointing out that raising the flag of Kurdistan in the province of Kirkuk is a violation of the law and powers.

“There must be a solution to the issue of raising the flag in the province of Kirkuk, they have no right to raise flags over the federal government institutions, according to the law in force on the province of Kirkuk, these buildings are the government’s government,” Abadi said at a weekly press conference held by his office in Baghdad. Iraq, and should raise the Iraqi flag, and this exceeded the law and powers, so we gave them a chance and told them to drop flags on government buildings, and raise them on the premises of their parties, and this is another subject I do not dispute as head of government.

As for the holding of the referendum in the Kurdistan region, the Iraqi Prime Minister said, “I do not want to interfere in aspiration and aspiration. The aspiration of the Kurdish brothers to establish a state for them is a right for them and no one has the right to prevent this aspiration and ambition, but to hold a referendum at this time and we are still “We are fighting against elements that are provocative, and the regional situation is still unsettled. Some of Iraq’s neighbors see this as a threat to their national security. They are not entitled to it, but they will enter into conflict and problems, even relations with the Iraqi government. That we will vote but we will not apply it, but how you will deal with it And why do you referendum and you will not apply? Therefore I think that there is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now and there will be significant problems, that the urgency in this matter may cause a decline in all the benefits and successes that have happened in the past, and if we return to history, In the north of Iran was a great urgency, and led to a huge setback and for decades for the Kurdish hope “

“I am not against the aspiration, every citizen has the right to aspire, but holding the referendum now is not in the interest of the people of Iraq from the Kurds, and politicians Kurds, most of them with this opinion, and even in the subject of Kurdish science spoke with Kurdish politicians, “We know that there is a bid but they say they can not stand against it, so many of them are in a position when some issues are raised. The majority remains silent or closes the issue, or they support it without To be convinced. “

He pointed out that “there are false rumors trying to highlight the popular mobilization forces against the state,” pointing out “an increase in the allocation of popular mobilization starting next month, and the Iraqi government only dismantled the contracts of soldiers fleeing fugitive gangs and calling the terrorists away from military prosecution.”

“Iraq needs fighters with strength and courage, not for those who want to return to their positions after the fighting ends,” he said.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi assured residents of the Euphrates basin about the rise in water levels, noting that they are under control despite the huge increase. “The water level is under control, despite the massive increase due to rain and melting of snow,” he said.

He said that “the security forces are keen on the security and safety of citizens during the liberation of Ayman Mosul,” noting that “they arrested and killed many terrorists in Ayman Mosul,” noting that “Iraq today achieved successes on the military level without any concessions.”

In a separate context, Abbadi thanked the “Jordanian government to intervene in the issue of abuse of Iraqi religious and political symbols,” stressing that “Iraq seeks to solve problems with countries, but without a concession.”



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