Iraqi forces seek to liberate the last 6 districts in western Mosul


Date:: 19 April 2017
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  • Baghdad – Agencies

Iraqi forces announced yesterday the completion of the liberation of most of the neighborhoods of the right coast of Mosul (west), of the organization «Daash», except for six neighborhoods are currently fighting for liberation.

“The joint military units continue to move at a steady pace in order to resolve the battle to liberate the few remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul, in preparation for declaring Mosul a completely liberated city,” Chief of Staff Taleb Shaghati told the government daily Al-Sabah. , Stressing that the units completed completely cleared 32 residential neighborhoods, out of 38 neighborhoods, as well as Mosul International Airport and the strategist Ghazalani camp.

Since mid-October, Iraqi forces have been fighting for the liberation of Nineveh province from “Da’ash” and have made significant progress in liberating vast areas, government buildings and services.

On the other hand, warned the United Nations, yesterday, the possibility of fighting in the old city of Mosul, where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians to block, to the worst “disaster” during the war on militants.

“If there is a blockade and hundreds of thousands have no water and food, they will be in great danger,” UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Liz Grande told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“We may face a humanitarian disaster, perhaps the worst in the whole conflict,” she said.


Killing [Minister] Daasha


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[Baghdad where] the
Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate announced the killing of a senior leader of the terrorist gangs Daesh bombing of the international coalition in Mosul.
According to a statement of the Directorate of today, received by all of Iraq [where] “Based on the Iraqi intelligence information killed coalition aircraft so – called [Minister of Tribal Affairs] gangs Daesh terrorist leader Abu Abdullah network.

” The bombing also killed two of his children and the children of his brother his bodyguards in the Mosul area Zndjeli Ayman.


Pence warns North Korea: Don’t test US strength, resolve


The U.S. Navy rerouted an aircraft carrier strike group to the region earlier this month as tensions were building, and President Trump has repeatedly tweeted that the United States will take action to stop North Korea if China, its closest ally, doesn’t.

He said the USA and its allies would deal with the situation “through peaceable means or ultimately by whatever means are necessary”.

The remarks came just a day after a failed missile launch by the North, which Mr Pence described as a “provocation” on his arrival in South Korea.

Following a trip to the heavily guarded inter-Korean border earlier in the day, the vice president vowed the allies would defeat any North Korean attack through “an overwhelming and effective response”.

The Pentagon dropped the so-called Mother of All Bombs, or the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), on ISIS tunnels and caves in Afghanistan on Thursday, which was seen as a warning to Pyongyang.

“We need to apply pressure on North Korea so they seriously respond to a dialogue” with the global community.

President Nixon wrestled with it back in 1969, when North Korea shot down a USA spy plane, killing all 31 on board.

Pence said he had spoken with President Donald Trump, who asked to convey to the troops in South Korea that “we’re proud of you and we’re grateful for your service”.

“It is heartening to see China commit to these actions”. “It’s clear that the president is determined not to allow this kind of capability to threaten the United States”.

Administration officials say the situation has become more risky, but that no decision has been made about how to react to any new provocation by North Korea. And the President has made clear that he will not accept the United States and its allies and partners in the region being under threat from this hostile regime with nuclear weapons.

But more likely it’s because the prospect of U.S. military action to “solve” what Donald Trump describes as the “menace” of North Korea, no matter how tough that sounds, would have such devastating consequences as to render it all but unthinkable.

“This exercise will rigorously test our aerial combat capability and highlights the ironclad commitment between the USA and (South Korea)”, said Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Bergeson, commander of the 7th Air Force. He said the two stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” and that the alliance “will even be stronger” under the Trump leadership.

He has repeatedly said if China, North Korea’s dominant trading partner, is unwilling to do more to pressure the North, the US might take the matter into its own hands.

“North Korea is a liability to everybody and it’s a threat not just to the United States, not just to South Korea, not just to Japan, not just to Russian Federation, but it’s actually a threat to China as well”, McFarland said Sunday on “Fox News Sunday”.

U.S. Vice President said Trump and Xi “reaffirmed their commitment to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula” and “committed to fully implement” UN Security Council resolutions while noting “urgency of the threats posed by North Korea’s weapons program”.

In the wake of North Korea’s failed medium-range missile test this weekend, President Donald Trump is willing to consider ordering “kinetic” military action, including a sudden strike, to counteract North Korea’s destabilizing actions in the region, said a person familiar with the White House’s thinking.

Pence arrived in Seoul on Sunday for a 10-day tour of four Asian countries.

Now, some estimates are that North Korea may have the capability to launch a missile that could hit the continental United States by the year 2020. “And so it’s time for us to undertake all actions we can, short of a military option, to try to resolve this peacefully”.

His national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said the US would rely on its allies as well as on Chinese leadership to resolve the issues with North Korea.

While most of the candidates support THAAD, Moon has come out in favor of delaying its deployment until a new president takes office and has a chance to review the issue and address China’s security concerns through diplomacy and engagement.

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Our troops are closing in on the terrorists in the old city


4/19/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

It directed the military high command forms of our armed forces to increase the pressure on the remnants of the “Daesh” defeated in the right side of the city of Mosul. At a time when a security expert stressed that the “military Daesh ended up” on this coast, the army completed the removal of the last remnants of the false Daesh on the side of the city logos

Sustain the momentum of the battle
, according to a Defense Ministry statement, the “first army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Othman al – Ghanemi, yesterday visited the pieces involved editing the province of Nineveh to determine the conduct of military operations and preparations for the liberation of the rest of Ayman Mosul and spend
Tal Afar.”
He briefed Ghanimi during the visit to the axes of operations of the ninth Armored Division and a counter – terrorism and federal police urged leaders and commanders and fighters on the need to sustain the momentum and continued pressure on the enemy Aldaasha outbreak among the ranks of collapse and retreat before the bravery of heroes of our armed forces, and commanded them , the necessity to preserve the lives ofcivilians and their property and to isolate them from the enemy who is trying to use them as human shields to obstruct the course of editing operations.
He praised the chief of staff of higher and continuing between various military units incoordination, including the popular crowd, which yielded victory and eliminate terrorism in all fighting forces
earlier. Remove the slogans of “Daesh” pseudo  – saw security expert Jassim Hanoun, said the gangs “Daesh” terrorist ended militarily in the right coast, which took refuge in the remaining of its terrorists , and as usual to take the houses headquarters and residents as human shields and are now hiding in the densely populated and defined areas Avatar have such great Mosque of Al – Nouri. He predicted that future operations will be after the liberation of Ayman Mosul, a single and simultaneous operation will take place in both the Hawija and the left side to spend Sharqat, as well as existing areas and curse Rawa in the far west of Anbar, pointing out that those gangs completely lost the ability to open more than one front in that One. The troops had removed yesterday another Makhalafth “Daesh” gangs of false slogans in the revival of the left coast liberated. A statement bythe Ministry of Defense that the first batch of the Brigade 75 of the Task Force 16 carried out a massive campaign to remove and erase the slogans and the effects of the terrorist organization within the definitive responsibility brigade with the participation of a detachment media regiment under the supervision of the division commander Maj . Gen. Jabbar Hajim constant, where has removed the writings of all of the Daesh and put the Iraqi government slogans and the forces of the army. Incursion district of the revolution  in the field, the second commander of operations in the fight against terrorism , a Major General Maan al- Saadi said that “device forces continue to progress deep in the neighborhood of the revolution within the right coast and was able to recover about 50 percent of its area.” He warned that the restoration of this neighborhood completely become the old city of Mosul , surrounded from all sides. This coincided with the announcement of the commander of the federal police team Raed Shakir Jawdat, said the commando elite of his forces managed to control the so – called Building B (Diwan Health Daesh) west of the old city, while managed federal police forces to control the additive Doaash through progress towards the neighborhood Farouk adjacent to the city and found explosives and bombs inside. Among Jawdat said federal police forces set up roadblocks and berms on the outskirts of the nearby Farouk neighborhood of the great Nouri mosque site, revealing that these forces also managed to kill a leader Aldaasha nicknamed (Abu Hajar, Russian nationality) after a rocket attack directed based in the neighborhood of the revolution. The activities of the Air Force  and on the receipts Hawks air on the hideouts of the terrorists, the media cell Harbi said cell intelligence information operations (coming Aaninoy) and the Directorate of Intelligence and Security, aircraft of the f-16 Iraqi led to the destruction of Walker overnight booby – trapping Doaash and store explosive materials experts and laboratories for mining wheels and industry packages, in the district of the urban south – west of Mosul.  She added that the cell Hawks also launched air raids on hideouts Daesh gangs resulted in the destruction of a store of weapons and ammunition and killed six of its terrorists , most notably (leader, head of booby – trapping experts) and another terrorist responsible for the development of drones in the same judiciary. According to a statement last cell that intelligence led also CH4 of the Army Air march aircraft to carry out resulted in the destruction site includes shops used by Daesh gangs station to supply Jlathm fuel in the Baaj district, along with the destruction of a caravan with fuel tanks used station fuel at the site of anair strike the same area. Warplanes also directed under the intelligence information, ablow to an elaborate one terrorist hideouts in the area of Hawija southwest of Kirkuk ,Riyadh, and killed 10 terrorists , including the so – called (Office of the calculation of theofficial Daesh). In addition to the destruction of other nests of terrorists there. And it revealed a local source said Daesh gangs forced residents to go to forcibly Hawija center to use them as human shields to avoid air strikes and military operations planned to begin soon to liberate the southwest of Kirkuk.

Matisse: You must stop the Iranian missiles Houthis final


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Since 04/18/2017 19:16 am (Baghdad time)

Balances News – Follow-up

US Defense Secretary Jim Mathis said, Tuesday, he must stop the Iranian missiles fired by the Houthi militia towards Saudi territory permanently, according to Reuters.

The Matisse told reporters on board the plane that took him to Saudi Arabia, where he starts Wednesday a regional tour, said that the Houthis are using Iranian-made missiles.

The statement said that the Pentagon will address Matisse during his tour to “efforts to address the destabilizing and defeat terrorist organizations extremist activities.”

The term “destabilizing activities” often used by the Pentagon to describe Iran’s activities in the region.

The Matisse said last week from London that Iran continues to act as an “exporter of terrorism and continues to sponsor insurgent activity”, as quoted by Reuters Onaba.anthy 29/9 P

Abadi: There is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now


By Ziad al-Haidari two hours ago
Abadi: There is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said on Tuesday that there is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now, pointing out that raising the flag of Kurdistan in the province of Kirkuk is a violation of the law and powers.

“There must be a solution to the issue of raising the flag in the province of Kirkuk, they have no right to raise flags over the federal government institutions, according to the law in force on the province of Kirkuk, these buildings are the government’s government,” Abadi said at a weekly press conference held by his office in Baghdad. Iraq, and should raise the Iraqi flag, and this exceeded the law and powers, so we gave them a chance and told them to drop flags on government buildings, and raise them on the premises of their parties, and this is another subject I do not dispute as head of government.

As for the holding of the referendum in the Kurdistan region, the Iraqi Prime Minister said, “I do not want to interfere in aspiration and aspiration. The aspiration of the Kurdish brothers to establish a state for them is a right for them and no one has the right to prevent this aspiration and ambition, but to hold a referendum at this time and we are still “We are fighting against elements that are provocative, and the regional situation is still unsettled. Some of Iraq’s neighbors see this as a threat to their national security. They are not entitled to it, but they will enter into conflict and problems, even relations with the Iraqi government. That we will vote but we will not apply it, but how you will deal with it And why do you referendum and you will not apply? Therefore I think that there is no interest for the Kurdistan Region in conducting a referendum now and there will be significant problems, that the urgency in this matter may cause a decline in all the benefits and successes that have happened in the past, and if we return to history, In the north of Iran was a great urgency, and led to a huge setback and for decades for the Kurdish hope “

“I am not against the aspiration, every citizen has the right to aspire, but holding the referendum now is not in the interest of the people of Iraq from the Kurds, and politicians Kurds, most of them with this opinion, and even in the subject of Kurdish science spoke with Kurdish politicians, “We know that there is a bid but they say they can not stand against it, so many of them are in a position when some issues are raised. The majority remains silent or closes the issue, or they support it without To be convinced. “

He pointed out that “there are false rumors trying to highlight the popular mobilization forces against the state,” pointing out “an increase in the allocation of popular mobilization starting next month, and the Iraqi government only dismantled the contracts of soldiers fleeing fugitive gangs and calling the terrorists away from military prosecution.”

“Iraq needs fighters with strength and courage, not for those who want to return to their positions after the fighting ends,” he said.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi assured residents of the Euphrates basin about the rise in water levels, noting that they are under control despite the huge increase. “The water level is under control, despite the massive increase due to rain and melting of snow,” he said.

He said that “the security forces are keen on the security and safety of citizens during the liberation of Ayman Mosul,” noting that “they arrested and killed many terrorists in Ayman Mosul,” noting that “Iraq today achieved successes on the military level without any concessions.”

In a separate context, Abbadi thanked the “Jordanian government to intervene in the issue of abuse of Iraqi religious and political symbols,” stressing that “Iraq seeks to solve problems with countries, but without a concession.”


Decisions of the Council of Ministers for Tuesday’s session


Baghdad – Journal News

The Cabinet held its regular session Tuesday under the chairmanship of Haider Abadi to vote on a number of important decisions.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office received by the Journal News said that during the meeting, “the recommendations of the committee formed for the purposes of auditing and investigating the cooperative activity of the General Union for Cooperation and the compliance with the provisions of the law were voted on.”

He added that “as was the vote on the exemption of private and public companies from the delay penalties where it was agreed to include all the companies of the contractor, whether they were implementing projects in the investment budget, operational or ongoing contracted according to the instructions to implement government contracts in force at the time of the Council of Ministers No. 7 of the year 2016 and extend the exemption of public and private sector companies from the delay penalties resulting from non-payment of dues.

He pointed out that “the Council voted on the report of Iraq on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, as was voted on the draft amendment to the first law of civil presses No. (5) for 1999 and referred to the House of Representatives, was also voted on the formation of the Supreme National Water Committee for the importance of the subject The water of the country and the wealth it constitutes must be used best for the service of the country and the citizen. “

The Cabinet also discussed the project of desalination of drinking water in the province of Basra, where bids were made by the advanced companies to speed up the implementation of the project, and a committee was set up under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to develop the directions required to secure water. Drinking water, water desalination and securing transmission and distribution networks for the people of Basrah province “.

The statement pointed out that “the Council voted to support the owners of the federal police, and voted to return the amounts recovered from the farmers to the lending fund for the agricultural initiative.”

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High Da’ish death toll due to a failed multipronged offensive launched by militants which led to many being eviscerated by ‘s aircraft.

Haidar Sumeri added,


negotiating Kurdish delegation back to Baghdad


Negotiation of Kurdistan delegation returns to Baghdad
10 minutes ago

Twilight News / The two presidents stressed the two parties in the Kurdistan region and the National Democratic Union, on Tuesday, to prepare a program for how to conduct the referendum process in Kurdistan, after a meeting with the delegation of the region with the official authorities in Baghdad.
This came during a press conference held by the two parties in Arbil , attended by Democratic political bureau member Kaquemen Najjar and the National Union politburo member Adnan al- Mufti.
The delegation of the region to negotiate with Baghdad had held many meetings with the parties and the Kurdish parties on the issue of the referendum, is scheduled to make a delegation of all parties and the Kurdish parties to visit Baghdad to resume negotiations with the Iraqi official parties in this regard the dialogue.
Najjar said Kaquemen during the joint press conference, that when the delegation returns reached with Baghdad to hold the referendum conviction, then it will be preparations for the process.
For his part , he stressed the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Adnan Mufti during the same conference that it is necessary that the representatives of all political parties exist within the referendum commission and then by how the referendum map mode.
Najjar commented on it by saying that it is certain that all the parties and the parties of the Kurdish will be represented within that committee, he said.
The two offices of democratic politicians and the National Union contract in the second of the month of April this meeting under the supervision of the region ‘s president , Massoud Barzani , and decided during the meeting discussed the referendum with all the Kurdish parties and the Iraqi government and consuls and representatives of foreign countries in the Kurdistan Region.
The joint delegation held bipartisan meetings Mrathonah during the next ten days of the meeting referred to with those parties.
The Kurdish movement change one of the parties that refused to receive the joint delegation.
Adnan Mufti expressed his hope that the movement of change involved in these meetings, noting that the movement is one of the parties to support the independence of Kurdistan and not attending meetings at this time returning to the loss of confidence and the old problems.
He expressed hope that the movement of change to send their representatives in the next meetings and meetings, because this issue a national issue, as he put it .
Believes some parties and political parties to hold the referendum process need to activate the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, but Kaquemen Najjar rejected this belief by saying that the process does not require the activation of the parliament, adding that it could be agreed on this matter , too.