A security expert: Daesh ended military Mosul Ayman

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said security expert Jassim Hanoun on Monday that Daesh terrorist gangs ended militarily in the right side of the city of Mosul.
He said Hanoun, told {Euphrates News}, that ” the priority today go towards the liberation of citizens and get them out of the theater of military operations, as it has taken Daesh measures in the West Coast {right} contrary to the coast left where they take from the government buildings, mosques, schools and the headquarters of her, but in the Sahel It is right to take the homes of citizens and residents headquarters shields a human. ”
He stressed that “Daesh ended militarily in those places, and is now based in the densely populated and landmarks of symbolic areas.”
He predicted the security expert, said that future operations will be after the liberation of Ayman Mosul, a “one operation in the south – west of Kirkuk , in Hawija, and Salah yen in the district Sharqat, as well as existing and curse Rawa areas, and will be one process.”
He noted that “Daesh can not open more than one front in that one” .anthy

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