Our forces are preparing to storm the Mosque of Al-Nouri


4/17/2017 0:00

Penetrated deeply into the ancient city of Mosul

¶ open safe corridors to exit families from the besieged neighborhoods

Mosul / morning

Days after the last approaching the features of the great victory over the gangs “Daesh” terrorist, few hours after the incursion into our depth in the nearby city of Mosul, announced yesterday liberation surrounding areas Balhdaba to separated from the large-Nouri mosque a few meters and is awaiting the orders of the military command to break into, which is the last and the most prominent symbols of ” Daesh “in Mosul.

Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat was announced, that “pieces of federal police rushed yesterday at dawn operation a surprise detour from the dairy bar area towards theold city and penetrated 200 meters where the distance.”
He pointed out that ” the enemy retreats and elements of the defeated Axis , ” noting that ” the Federal snipers stationed on the roofs of buildings and impose its control over thesurrounding area Balhdaba and target suspicious wheels and armed persons.”
A spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger also, revealed that federal police forces and rapid response surrounded theold city completely revived and cut off supply routes that were relied upon terrorists Daesh shy Alzenjla and July and is continuing the process of incursions into its depth, as separated by a very small distance lighthouse site humpback collector Nouri gives optimism in the approach of liberation and give away Bushra cleanse the entire old area.
He noted that the joint pieces liberated most of the areas on the right coast, as recently cleared wells neighborhood and village Chewsh Tal Asfour and imposed control over thesouth bank of the Tigris River, as well as liberated analyte village and perpetuated contact with the north of the right areas of the coast and the control of the Sham Gate , which is the western entrance of Ayman Mosul ,
was quoted correspondent “morning , ” Colonel in the fight against a terrorism Duraid said confirmed that ” the machine forces stormed at dawn yesterday neighborhood of Sheikh Fathi quality of the process and managed within a few hours of imposing the full control of the neighborhood after clashes that killed a number of Aldoaash including three suicide bombers, while keen this The Forces to open safe corridors to exit families from the neighborhood , which is the oldest western axis areas  in
Mosul. “


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