Our forces are penetrating deep into the old city of Mosul


17/4/2017 12:00 am

Break into Sheikh Fathi neighborhood and control the strategic bridge

Baghdad / Al-Sabah Mosul / Shorouq Maher

Our advancing factions have come close to resolving the battle to liberate Mosul after they moved into the old city of Mosul.
This came at a time when the federal police and the anti-terrorism apparatus stormed one of the neighborhoods and controlled a bridge
Approaching victory
The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, revealed that the Federal Police and the Rapid Response cordoned off the Old City and completely revived it and cut off the supply routes on which the terrorists relied on from the Zangid and Tammuz districts. They continue the incursion deep into the area. The site of the lighthouse of Hadba and the mosque of Nouri, which gives optimism in the approach of Zuf Bushra, the liberation of the entire old area.
Al-Abar neighborhood, Shuweisah village and Tel Asfour have been cleared and the control of the southern bank of the Tigris River has been cleared. The village of Halilah has also been liberated and a petition has been made with the areas north of the right coast and control of the Sham gate,
From the field, the Federal Police Chief Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat said that pieces of his forces rushed at dawn yesterday by a sudden procession from the area of the bar of Albanians towards the Old City and penetrated within 200 meters. The enemy forced the Daashi to retreat and his elements fled the battle.
Jawdat said federal police snipers were stationed on rooftops and imposed control over the area surrounding the Hadba lighthouse, focusing on the targeting of suspicious vehicles and armed terrorists.

Attitude of the Old City
The correspondent of “Sabah” quoted the Colonel in the federal police forces Ali Qasim, confirming the killing of dozens of people, including Arab and foreign leaders, as our forces continue to advance amid close clashes within the narrow alleys of the old city and with careful air support and care for the lives of the remaining family members in their homes. That the federal police forces were able to kill 37 daids in the cycle of the head of the street and the clock and the coffins and the role of the hawks Square, which is witnessing fierce fighting with remnants of the call. He added that “the federal forces reached the outskirts of Al-Nuri Mosque, facing and dealing with gangs gangs and advocates and suicide bombers,” revealing that the elite forces in the federal police and rapid reaction squad is waiting for orders from senior military leaders to break into the rest of the old city and the Nuri Mosque, Including the most prominent snipers of the terrorist organization.
Qasim said that the forces were able to free three families of Mosulieh held in a warehouse in the courtyard of the falcon, consisting of 18 people, including seven women and three children were transferred to the hospital because of the deterioration of their health because of what they were subjected to by terrorists.
Progress of the fifth bridge
At the same time, Colonel Duraid Said said in an interview that the forces broke into Sheikh Fathi neighborhood at dawn yesterday in a qualitative operation and managed within a few hours to impose full control of the neighborhood after clashes that led to the killing of a number of motives including three suicide bombers , While these forces were keen to open safe corridors for the exit of the families of the neighborhood, which is the oldest areas of the western axis
In Mosul.
Said said that the anti-terrorism forces also managed to control the strategic bridge to cross the hospital after extensive clashes with al-Dawash resulted in the killing of seven of them, pointing out that the control of this bridge enabled the forces of the device to target suicide bombers and snipers deployed on the floors and the surface of the Mosul Hotel in the axis Himself.
He warned that the forces of the device continue to advance towards the fifth bridge and became very close to his position to be controlled and then storming the area of Al-Hawi, which is the most prominent areas of the presence of a terrorist and the most dangerous.

They burned the houses of the displaced
Brigadier General Abdul Karim al-Sabawi, the correspondent of al-Sabah, said that the terrorists burned 30 houses yesterday after stealing all of their contents in the neighborhoods of the revolution, the marshfaq and al-Rifa’i, which are still being usurped from the right coast because of their fleeing from their homes and resorting to our forces in liberated neighborhoods. , Calling gangs urging the owners of these houses to the apostates and threatened to burn every house the family is trying to leave to another area.
A local source said that the gangs had called for the execution of eight members of the security forces, including the terrorist (Abu Abed Rahman al-Hayali, official of the security detachments in the right coast) on charges of treason and leaking information to the security forces after they received an air strike by Iraqi aircraft To gather leaders in one of the houses on the coast itself, indicating that the execution was carried out in front of a group of Almajash for their skills and to be a lesson according to their description.




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